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Divine Thinking and Personal Reality - Part 2

Knowing one's true SELF

We often identify ourselves with our physical body, with our emotions, and with our mind. These three principles represent our personality. We are often led to believe that the personality is the Self, whereas it is simply a persona, a mask that the Soul wears that it may function in the lower dimensions. The personality is mortal and subject to change. It is not the permanent part of our being. Should we identify with the personality we assume the characteristics of mortality with its sense of limitation and lack. In the long run we lose our true sense of identity. We feel that our identity is somehow displaced and know no longer what we are. By this false identification we block the entry of spiritual forces into the lower aspect of our microcosmic being. We also close our consciousness from higher perception and awareness.

By knowing, being aware, and identifying ourselves with our Reality, we liberate ourselves from a sense of separation from God--which is spiritually impossible. We are God's expression; God is our essence. By essentially knowing our true Self, we come to realize God; we come to realize the infinite creative potentials that lie within our divinity. Please note, however, that what we mean by "true Self" is far different from the usual understanding of the term. It is not the hidden desires and characteristics that lie within the subconscious mind, nor is it what most artists normally refer to as their true self when they express themselves on canvas. The True Self is not the subconscious mind, nor the conscious mind alone. It is the Divine Spark's Cosmic Consciousness or God's Divine Awareness of Its inherent Existence and Bliss within the microcosm at a lower level, and in the macrocosm at a higher level. Always identify yourself with the God-Spark within you. Essentially, all of God's attributes are to be found within you as well.

Knowing Cosmic Laws that generates all the contents of the Omniverse

When we begin to know and understand the laws of our inherent existence we should begin to align ourselves and cooperate with Cosmic forces. We come to realize that the many beliefs and attitudes that govern our mundane existence are false and have no universal basis in truth. We learn that life is eternal and that our divine essence is immortal. By understanding Cosmic laws we would eventually come to understand our Self and the many roles that it plays in the world of form; we would also be able to differentiate between the Real and the unreal; that which is True and that which is False. We would grasp how and why our divinity should be expressed and manifested on the physical plane. Aside from this it will eventually dawn upon us that we are really one with God, one of God, and one as God; and that separation is simply an illusion. If God is everywhere present, he is also present within us. More accurately, everything is an expression of the Source of Life, and this includes us.

Knowing the Plan of God

Most of us live without a sense of purpose in life. To most people it is unknown that all human beings have a mission in life. The Divine Mind has a Plan for humanity, a Plan for Planet Earth and the Solar System. This Plan is related to the divine and eternal aspect of man. The more we understand this Divine Plan, the more we are impelled to assist in its manifestation and fulfillment. All of our thinking will be aligned with the Will of God. Every one is sojourning on this physical plane for the purpose of fulfilling his or her mission and manifesting the Divine Plan of God upon Earth. When we think in terms of this Plan we invoke the aid of higher forces and live in accord with God's Will. The "mortal will" should be set aside to channel the Divine Will. Our will would be to express God's Will as God's desire is to express our divine desire. By being cognizant and attentive of Cosmic Order and the Plan we begin to live in terms of selflessness, service, sacrifice and the elimination of egoistic qualities for the good of all. Knowing the Plan of God expands our consciousness and helps us to see beyond mortal vision.

Knowing that there is no separation between Man, God and Nature

Our mortal sense of duality makes us assume a defensive-offensive attitude. We attack others due to a sense of separation and fear. We should begin to realize that there is only One Substance, One Power, One Mind, One Self in the Omniverse, and this One Progenitor manifests as the varied and manifold structures of energies that we perceive. Relatively speaking, the many phenomena and things that we cognize are all illusions. They are all expressions of the One. By knowing that every form is illusory and are merely appearances, that behind all realities is Energy, the One Universal Substratum that we call God, the Void, Universal Essence, etc, we will eventually begin to think, act and behave accordingly--according to Truth. We would know that to hurt another we would simply be hurting ourselves, that what we give out eventually returns to us. Always regard another as yourself, as a divine presence of God. The precept "Do unto others as you would others do unto you," is related to this principle.

Knowing that everything has a cause, has a purpose that the mortal mind may not know or understand.

To think divinely we should always keep in mind that nothing occurs without a purpose, that there are no accidents, or coincidences; that everything is based upon Cosmic law. Even-though consciously we may not know why things occur as they do, realize that everything will eventually have effects beneficial to soul-growth. The person who thinks divinely will never be overwhelmed with sufferings and sorrows for he or she knows the divine purpose of life through the constant attunement with the Divine Self.

Knowing that one's true SELF is already immortal and divine

Immortality need not be searched frantically for in dark places, for it is already a reality in the light of our Divine Presence. Death is not the end, nor is it a beginning. We conquer death by realizing its non-existence, its illusory nature. A Master once said that "that which is Real cannot be threatened, that which is false does not exist." The Self that we are is beyond hurt, pain, suffering, and sorrow. It is immortal and divine. When we are submerged in a "gloom and doom" attitude it signifies that we are identifying ourselves with all that is unreal in us. The Self, or its threefold nature--existence, consciousness and bliss, cannot be extinguished. By continuously thinking from this level, by maintaining our consciousness on this plane of thought--that our essential being, our Self is immortal--we strengthen the influence of our highest aspect upon the lowest vehicles of our microcosmic being.

Knowing that all experiences are of value to the soul

There is much that physical three-dimensional existence has to offer in terms of experience. There are things that cannot be experienced in the higher worlds that may be extracted from the material world. Evolution proceeds at a quicker pace when a life-stream is exposed to physical existence. In the spiritual planes the soul is hardly ever confronted with problems. Without challenges the soul does not evolve. Because of the density of matter, its resistance to the probing of the spiritual aspects of man, the physical world is an apt place for soul-unfoldment. Living in this three-dimensional plane unfolds the divine attributes and potentials within us such as courage, perseverance, patience, will-power, etc. It is for this reason that all our experiences, whether positive or negative, are beneficial to soul growth. They offer nourishment to our Higher Self. Therefore, in accord with this, we enforce the power of our divine thinking by extracting all that life has to offer and not indulging in any form of escapism or suicide. Perceive life from the point of view of the Self and not the personality. The personality simply wishes comfort, instant development, self-aggrandizement, and egoic power. The Self, or Soul is indifferent to external circumstances and experiences; it would regard everything and every experience as of value; its only wish is to acquire wisdom and extract spiritual nutriment from its earthly sojourn.

Knowing that attachment to the illusory worlds only cause man to sink deeper into spiritual forgetfulness and into the mire of materialism

As mentioned above, Master Jesus once told us to be in this world but not of it. As divine immortals we should not be tied to that which is false and illusory. When we pass through transition, when we shed off this mortal form, we do not take along anything with us that is false, so why should we be overly attached to them? Attachment causes pain and suffering. It makes us forget our Source and our true Identity. Attachment also causes false identification; it displaces the Self from its throne and causes many other egoic qualities to emerge. Attachment lowers one's soul-frequency to the level of the physical octave. It attracts particles of darkness to adhere and cohere in our lower microcosmic structure. In such a state it is difficult for spiritual liberation and the ascension to take place. The antidote to attachment is simply detachment which in Sanskrit is called "Vairagya." Why should we be attached to things that are impermanent in nature? Earthly possessions and conditions are transient. Things get lost, they get stolen, they spoil, etc. Knowing that nothing is perennial we should not get upset if their cycle of existence come to an end, even prematurely. In terms of relationships, non-attachment entails loving others unconditionally and impersonally, not caring whether our love is returned, or expecting any reward. We would simply desire the happiness of others even-though their happiness may not be sought in our own kisses and embraces. Our every thought, word, and action should be prompted out of unconditional and impersonal love. Non-attachment to things of this Earth help us maintain tranquility, calmness, and a clear rational mind. It paves the way for the expression of our Higher Self.

Knowing that one must do one's own thinking and not allow others to do the thinking for oneself

Dark and Negative forces do not desire the transformation of humanity into divinity, or man into god, they strive in various ways to hinder spiritual and evolutionary growth. Their most powerful weapons are thoughts and ideas, utilized for the control and manipulation of people's minds. They fill our minds with errors disguised as truth, and with dogmatic theologies represented with false spiritual façades. By subtle means the Dark ones would lure us away from our divinity into a lower expression. If we do not control our own conscious and subconscious minds, they will do so for us and lead us from the Real into the unreal, from Truth into falseness, from Light into darkness. We are easily mislead by authority figures falsely acting as emissaries of the Spirit. The bicameral or subconscious mind is easily controlled through feelings of fear, guilt and sin. As a disciple on the Path of Spirit it is necessary to think for oneself and to listen to the silent voice of the Soul reverberating within where one's immortality and divinity are proclaimed, where only perfection is affirmed. When we constantly listen to the voice of God within and not to the chaotic voices without we would progress quickly into the Kingdom of Light. Divine power lies within us that evil ones may not override unless through folly and ignorance we give-up what we have that they may control us and turn us into their helpless minions.

Knowing that life is omnipresent and is not limited to the physical dimension, or even on this planet

Life in this three-dimensional existence has made us forget many spiritual truths. One of these truths is that life is not confined to physical existence nor to this particular planet alone. God is Life, and since God is omnipresent, so life is to be found in every part of the omniverse--in every dimension, and in every celestial body. We may presume sentient life to be dependent upon certain conditions--upon certain chemicals, gases, the correct temperature, atmospheric pressure, and gravitational forces, etc. However, the life-force always finds a way of manifesting itself no matter what the conditions of the environmental surroundings or substances available as building blocks for the form. Immortals do not think in terms of limitation, confinement, or constraint. Everything in essence are infinite and perennial. Though Science and Religion may teach of a "beginning," Immortals are aware that any birth of activity in the universe is simply a commencement of a new cycle of manifestation. If we were to believe that life exists solely upon Earth and upon the physical plane, we would imprison our consciousness and prevent it from expanding and embracing Cosmic Consciousness. The mortal mind is incapable of apprehending infinities; the immortal mind, however, grasps the picture in an intuitive manner. Regarding that life is omnipresent and eternal releases the power of the Higher Self within us.

Knowing that fear and judgement are unnecessary and counterproductive

The Self is fearless. It knows itself to be beyond pain, hurt, and sorrow. That which fears is the elemental life or intelligence of the physical body. The mortal part of man, the persona of the Self, is in a constant state of tension and stress. It fears the loss of many things, but its main fear is the loss of its self-existence. Since the persona or the lower part of man is actually devoid of any soul or Self, this fear is unwarranted. Unless we identify ourselves with the eternal Self, this condition of fear of the persona or "lower self" will create psychological aberrations within us and influence our thoughts, feelings and behavior in a detrimental manner.

It is a delusion to judge appearances and that which has no real existence. In a spiritual sense, personal judgements comes from false reasoning; it is an expression of the false ego. All judgements are an expression of the dualistic mind that considers itself separate from the rest of the world, from Nature, from God. The Real Self does not judge, however it does discriminate or discern that which is Real and that which is unreal, that which is True and that which is false, that which is Absolute and that which is relative. Judgement and fear prolongs a mortal mentality as it blocks out the entry of spiritual forces and light into our system. They lower one's personal frequency and ossifies the mind. An Immortal filled with Love, Mercy and an Enlightened Mind, no longer expresses any fear or judgment. By casting out fear and the arrogantly passing of judgments upon our fellow beings we mentally prepare ourselves for the ascension and the realization of the state of immortality. The Master Jesus once said that by judging others we would in turn be judged. In one sense this could mean that we may possibly assume the condition that we pass judgement on. It is always best to see the Good in others, the God within them.

Knowing that there is no limitation--no time and space, etc, and that everything is possible to man as he was created in the image of God.

Man is a reflection of God, a microcosm of the macrocosm. All forces and powers of the greater universe lies within the lesser universe of Man. Every phenomena of Nature has its correspondence in the microcosmic being. Since God is boundless, infinite, and eternal, and knows no limitation, the essential Man, created in God's image is likewise unlimited. Man possesses all divine potentialities and possibilities; to think otherwise is to put a false constraint upon Man's spiritual evolutionary growth. Immortals do not think in terms of limitation and lack. They only know abundance and infinities. Time and space are realities in human consciousness but not actualities in the Divine Mind. They are in fact illusions--expressions of Maya. Immortals have transcended human consciousness and are one with the Divine Mind. Time and space are no longer hurdles to them. The first rule of overcoming time and space is the realization that they are false conceptions of the mortal mind and may be transcended by identifying with the Consciousness of God within Man. Thinking divinely implies thinking like God.

Knowing that humor and simplicity are divine qualities that need to be expressed

The higher one goes on the scale of evolution and the greater one becomes in spirituality, the more simple, child-like, and humorous one becomes. Immortals do not take themselves seriously, they know that every effort has its worth. Although the higher spiritual, and Cosmic beings are sweet and simple as compared to the psychological complexities of man, when it comes to the direction of planetary affairs of evolution, their wisdom and intelligence are far beyond the degree reached by humanity. Being simple and humorous eliminates many egoic qualities and raises one's consciousness to a higher spiritual plane. Seeing the humor in one's mistakes, expressions, and failures re-conditions and re-programs the conscious and subconscious minds with patterns of thought expressive of one's divine state of being.

Seeing perfection

While the dualistic mind sees imperfection everywhere, the Divine Mind only knows and visualizes perfection, beauty, purity, and goodness. Whatever we see, visualize and believe we maintain our focus and attention upon it. If we continuously look for imperfection we maintain its illusory existence in our consciousness. Energy follows thought. By thinking in terms of imperfection we eventually manifest that state or condition in the world of form. Conversely, if we were to visualize perfection we would be manifesting and out-picturing the divine archetypes that God has formulated in the celestial worlds upon the earthly plane. This is the manifestation of Heaven on Earth. Divine thinking entails manifesting one's immortal state, not simply in a spiritual, psychological manner, but in a physical fashion as well. By constantly visualizing, and believing in one's immortality we would eventually display it.

Making love the basis of one's habitual thought pattern and processes

Thinking divinely like an Immortal entails expressing the various virtues of Love, such as tolerance, kindness, benevolence, mercy, goodness, and purity. Our relationship with others, with Nature and with God should be motivated by the force of unconditional and impersonal Love. Think, speak, and relate to others with love. The power of the spoken word is expressed through the power of the Heart. Love is divine, and by expressing love we reveal and expose our divinity--the glory of God for all to see. Love, Life and Light transmutes our physical being at cellular and atomic levels. They transform and transfigure our being into a radiant vessel of Christ ("Nur Muhammad").


What are the benefits of divine thinking? Summarily, divine thinking unfolds the divine potentials lying latent or dormant within us. It contributes to the expansion of one's consciousness and the transmutation of one's lower mortal expression into a higher divine manifestation. Divine thinking liberates us from the wheel of rebirth and the transcendence of the realms of relativity. Physical immortality is a spiritual potential and divine thinking is a prime requisite in creating this possibility. Divine thinking raises us up to the level of the godsArticle Search, it increase the rate of our personal vibrations or frequency to the energy-levels of the Adepts and Masters. Our personal evolution is accelerated as a result of thinking like an Immortal or a god. Human imperfection can only be surmounted by expressing the divine perfection within us. The first step that leads to this is Divine thinking.

Serapis Bey: "Men cannot build immortal bodies out of mortal substance. They cannot build out of mortal thoughts immortal ideas. They cannot build out of mortal feelings divine feelings that enfold the world and create the great Pyramid of Life."

Divine Thinking and Personal Reality - Part 1

Article Reference: Written by author 'Wild Bill Montomery'

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