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New Thought Videos

A collection of videos, information and insight about new thought philosophy, ancient wisdom, life principles and the new thought movement, divine and religious science and the science of the mind and Unity teachings.

Unity Radio Interview: The Thought Exchange
David Friedman talks about new thought concepts and principles from his latest Thought Exchange book and film in this interview on Unity Online Radio.

The Film "What Is new Thought?"
The foundation and principles of new thought expressed by modern new thought followers, and a look at the documentary film "What Is New Thought?"

Quantum Communication - Hidden Mind Science
Documentary film that explores Consciousness and the hidden truth of quantum mental science, the Quantum Universe and how thoughts affect reality.

The Bible and New Thought
UFBL is a unique New Thought Christian churches that uses the bible as its primary text. This video discusses the relavancy of the bible to new thought spirituality.

Unity Consciousness - A Metaphysical Journey
A new age journey beyond time and space with inspirational graphics, music and narration exploring God, cosmic creation, oneness, self-awareness and enlightenment.

New Thought Inspiration
A new thought video for meditation or prayer that expresses and honors the Oneness and Divinity of God and the presence of the Holy spirit that flows through each of us in our lives.

How Your Brain Looks When You Think New Thoughts
Amazing photography of changes that take place when you think new thoughts! Thanks Dr. Joe Dispenza for this amazing video that shows how our mind can change our biology.

New Thought Music
A playlist of inspirational New Thought Gospel and Praise Music from weekend services at the 'Celebration Spiritual Center' in Brooklyn, New York.

Sermons and Lectures

New Thought Ancient Wisdom
Unity of Houston ministry lecture by Rev. Howard Caesaron on the origins of New Thought and the Unity movement, along with its basic spiritual beliefs and principles.

Center for Spiritual Living - What Is Enlightenment?
Rev. Lee Wolak discusses the meaning of Enlightenment and teaches how we can shift our consciousness from ego-centered to a life of full conscious awareness.

The Truth About New Thought
A powerful presentation by Dr. Harry Morgan Moses who teaches us how to live The Heaven Experience and other inspirational new thought principles for success.

Centre For Inspired Living - What is New Thought?
A lecture about New Thought philosophy and denominations, the beleifs and teachings of religious science and the founding of the Center for Inspired Living.

Science of Mind - Humanity's Evolving Consciousness
Centers for Spiritual Living minister Mark Gilbert looks through 60 years of articles on the topic of conciousness and evolution from the pages of Science of Mind magazine.

The Mystical History of Science of Mind
Terry McBride from the Everyday Center for Spiritual Living discusses the religious origins of the science of mind teachings and the power of using the creative mind to manifest form.

The Science of the Mind Principles
Barbara Waterhouse at the Center for Spiritual Living talks about using the creative power of the mind and thoughts to manifest and create the life we truly want.

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