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New Heaven and a New Earth or the Way to Life Eternal

Originally Published: 1909

by Charles Brodie Patterson | Entered at Stationers' Hall, London, England

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I. Definition of Terms

II. Relative Understanding

III. The Psychic Plane

IV. The Tree of Knowledge

V. The Mind's Book of Life

VI. The Fourth Dimension

VII. The Discovery of a New World

VIII. The Evolution of Desire

IX. Meditation, The Path to Power

X. Life in Expression

XI. Mental and Physical Wholeness

XII. The Creation of a World

XIII. The COntrolled Life

XIV. The Law of Reciprocity

XV. The Breath of Life

XVI. Sympathetic Telepathy

XVII. Attuned to Life

XVIII. The Tree of Life


The author dedicates this book to all earnest and sincere men and women, irrespective of race or creed, who are engaged in a conscious effort of making this world a better place to live in, — a world wherein not only man's physical needs shall be fully supplied, but one wherein lave and mercy, peace and good will, justice and equity shall prevail; a world in which shall be fully and freely expressed that health and happiness which is so necessary to all complete harmonious living.

The world to-day is in one of its historymaking epochs. Unrest is universal. The old landmarks are disappearing; change follows change in quick succession, creed and dogma are things of the past; religious ceremonial and form no longer interest the masses. Some say religion is dead, and infidelity is rampant, and the orthodox prophet of evil declares that the very foundations of religion, morality, and order are being swept away. The prophet of the new time declares that it is only the darkness that precedes the dawn; that there never was a time in the history of the world when man desired to know the truth as he does at the present; that it is this desire which causes the unrest. Religious life, like all life, is evolutionary. The orthodoxy or heterodoxy of the past is not sufficient for the present. The religion that satisfied the boy or the youth will not supply the needs of the fullgrown man.

We are facing complex problems for which the dark ages of the world offer little or no solution. In other words, man has come to a place in his development where he realizes at last the necessity for working out his own salva- tion. l^^- He is beginning to know that such a salvation should include his body. He is beginning to believe that he should have the power to lay it down, or to take it up; that his body should respond to his will concerning it, become exempt from disease, and neither be subject to decay or old age. Slowly it has been dawning in the mind of man that his body was created by his own soul and mind, and should be thoroughly subject to all his lawful desires and will concerning it — a fit instrument to carry out all his purposes. Furthermore, man is seeking a salvation for his mind from the sense of sin which has weighed like a great burden upon it. Little by little he has realized that the law of sin and death is all of his own making ; that it is a lack of knowledge that causes him to see everything in a partial or incomplete way. It was his thought of separateness in the past that caused him to think of himself as detached or apart from all the rest of creation, caused him to become centered in his personal life, instead of in the universal life. He failed to see that he was not only related to the Source of his being, but to all life and its expression; that he was essentially one with the life* of God, and his sin came from want of belief and lack of conformity to this greatest of truths. With the influx of this knowledge, sin, with its burden of disease and death, will pass away, and man will find his real self — the self that has been obscured by the clouds of his own mentality — ^his soul self, the central flame of his being — and ever after his life will be illumined from within.

Divine unrest must of necessity continue until such illumination is an accomplished fact The world to-day is in an expectant attitude. A great spiritual tidal wave is near at hand, and when it has swept over the world a new light will have come into the life of man. That light, having its center in the inner life of every individual, will radiate life and light to the circumference of man's world. Death, as now understood, will cease to be. The time will certainly come when the highly developed man will have the power to lay down or take up his life, through a conscious knowledge of the laws of eternal being and the direct application of these laws to his own life. The professed followers of the Founder of Christianity claim that this has been done by their Master, but they ignore his statement that

"Greater things than these shall ye do." Because of lack of knowledge and unbelief the "greater things" have not been done. I believe it to be the legitimate birthright of every man bom into the world to be physically whole and mentally happy. My sole thought in writing this book is that it may bring more light to the minds of those who are seeking after a greater knowledge of the laws of life, and whose earnest desire it is to apply such laws. I would ask of the reader, therefore, a careful, as well as a thoughtful study of all the questions discussed, so that he may test the truth and prove for himself, that profit may accrue to his life as the result of the thought and study given to the contents of this book. I realize how imperfect is the setting for so great a subject as that upon which I have attempted to write. I prophesy, however, that in the near future some great soul, enlightened by the indwelling spirit, will come forth and give in a larger and more complete way that which I, while seeing, am not fully able to express. Charles Brodie PATTSRSON, Florence, Italy.

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