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All the Way:

A handbook for those who have entered the path
and have determined to walk all the way with Christ to the heights of ascension

Originally Published: 1922

by The Master Mind Publishing Co.:Los Angeles, Calif.

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I. The Estimate and the Contract

II. This Corruptible Putting on Incorruption

III. Virgins, For the Kingdom of Heaven

IV. Losing Selfhood

V. Love, The Supreme Essential

VI. Freedom From Money

VII. The Holy Spirit

VIII. Perpectual Prayer

IX. Putting On Jesus Christ


THOSE who have made up their minds to go on to the Ascension, taking all the steps essential to that attainment, should read each chapter and verse carefully and prayer- fully. For there is a teaching for each Candi- date which is beneath the words and unwritten and, to catch that instruction, there must be a conscious openness to the TEACHER WITHIN. The writing of this Handbook on ALL THE Way has not been by subject or by any fixed order that human intellect might dictate, but on the contrary. For each chapter was writ- ten as the substance came to me with apparent repetitions, and some disconnected and irrele- vant presentations, because of leaving the con- struction wholly to the Spirit that guides the Candidate into all the truth that belongs to achieving the Christ goal. The paragraphs are numbered as well as the chapters for convenience in referring to specific instruction.

God grant that many will be led to commune with themselves and, by the power of their own great Self, determine to reach the Heights. Any communication from you, dear Reader, as to your experiences and aspirations as well as obstacles in the Path upon which your feet shall henceforth walk, will be welcome and held in sacred confidence. Let us ever remember that none could make this attainment in his own strength. It is God that walks the Way in us and is our Almighty Power to attain the Heights. To him only belongs the glory. --Annie Rix Militz, Sierra Madre, Calif,

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