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Child Unfoldment

Intruction in the way to Train Children through the Silent Influence of Thought

Originally Published: 1916

Published by The Master Mind Publishing Co.:Los Angeles, Calif.

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I. The Holy Family - Beyond Nature to Nature's God

II. The Prospective Mother - Motherhood, a Sacred Office

III. Co-operation Between Parents and Children - Parents' First Work

IV. The Child's Query - Where Did I Come From?

V. Healing Children - Children Easy to Heal

VI. Developing Talent, Character and Spiritual Powers - Every Child Has Talent

VII. Obedience and Freedom in Children - Inspired Management

VIII. Religious Education

IX. Regeneration


In these days of spiritual psychology, new powers are being revealed by which to teach and train natures, that have not been amenable to mere external methods. Furthermore it has been found that the education of the thoughts and feelings is the best way to bring the external child to its highest culture. The following teachings are from the experience, as well as the deep spiritual conviction, of many besides the writer, who have proven that "the mind makes the man" and that as Socrates said, "If you would have children act aright, you must teach them to form correct judgments." May the good Reader be able to profit by these writings, through the sure testimony of three witnesses: the Spirit, the Intellect and the Senses. May what has been written from the Spirit be read by the Spirit within you, that which is given from the Intellect be found reasonable, and that which Sense has experienced be demonstrated to your senses. And may many children bless the day that this little book saw the light. --THE AUTHOR - Los Angeles, Thanksgiving Day, 1916

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