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Divine Science And Healing

A textbook for the study of divine science, its application in healing, and for the well-being of each individual.

Originally Published: 1902

San Francisco, Home College of Divine Science

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Spiritual Experience
Spiritual experience in Works
Lesson I---Being
Lesson II---Thought

Lesson III---The Effect of Thought
Lesson IV---Law of expression
Lesson V---Law of Expression
Lesson VI---Denial and Affirmation

Preface to Lesson VII---Baptism by the Spirit
Lesson VII---Prayer
Lesson VIII---Faith
Lesson IX---Intuition
Lesson X---Truth's Practice

Preface to Lesson XI---Expression of Consciousness
Lesson XI---The Spoken Word, The Purpose of God
Lesson XII---Heal the Sick
Lesson XIII---Facts About Healing

Lessons XIV---Special Instructions to Patients
Lesson XV---Faith and Belief a Unit
Lesson XVI---Marriage
Lesson XVII---Marraige

Lesson XVIII---Overcoming Poverty
Lesson XIX---Immortality

Lesson XX---Questions by Beginners
Lesson XXI---Theological Questions
Lesson XXII---About Healing

Lesson XXIII---Conclusion



As the light-house throws its beams to guide the mari- ner through trackless waters, so upon the world's waste, this book is sent out to warn the wayfarer from time and place, and to guide him into the secure peace and rest of Infinite Love. May this chart of Divine realization of Truth and illumination guide all pilgrims on the path of life into the harbor of Infinite Being. As the light shining from the light-house warns from danger and lights the way into safe harbor, so the Truth set forth in this book of lessons will be seen to reveal what the true light is "That lighteth every man that cometh into the world ;" which makes clear the way to Christ- consciousness. The purpose of this book is to teach the principle of Unity, which alone makes clear the true relation existing between humanity and God, and the purpose of God mani- festing in humanity ; to point out the direct and sure way of safety and rest. May the contents of this book illumine those who study it, with a knowledge of Truth which to know makes free, and enable them to demonstrate health, success and happiness. So will it be. Natural science deals with effects in Nature's realm, and treats of the relation of things to things. Its theory is, that various and general results proceed from particular causes, which causes are themselves results. The universal Law of Creation, or Science of Expression, as taught and strictly adhered to in Divine Science is as essential to a perfect understanding of the detail of Science as is the Statement of Being essential to its perfect solution and demonstration. To understand the height and depth and breadth of Truth expressed in these pages, it is essential that the student place him or herself at one with Infinite Omni- present Spirit, and then know that the teaching has been formulated from the consciousness and realization of this oneness. A consciousness of the way creative power expresses itself in creation is also a knowledge of the power expressed in the Spoken Word; of how the Word becomes flesh and dwells among us and is full of grace and truth.

Divine Science teaches that re-creation or re-genera- tion is simply a repetition of God creating or generating. This brings us back to original Truth and proves that man, his nature, form and all is sourced in God. In the science of numbers an understanding of princi- ple secures correct solution of every problem and pro- duces a true example. In Divine Science a knowledge of the nature and infinitude of the One All secures truthful conclusions, right thought, word and deed, and demon- strates health, peace, and satisfaction. He who is uncertain hesitates, and he who hesitates is like a wave of the sea, agitated and tossed by the wind. — James, i: 6. He is like a ship at sea in thick darkness, attempting to make safe harbor without guidance from a beacon light, and is at the mercy of wind and wave. All who hesitate will find true anchorage for soul and body in the Truth of Divine Science. It points the way to whole- ness for all to enjoy who will partake. This book is not intended as light reading, to be read and laid aside, but, instead, should be thoroughly studied and applied, which will bring perfect illumination. It will bring the student to a spiritual sense of the natural, normal and unchang- able state of Being. Its study will give ease instead of dis-ease ; love void of fear, charity in place of criticism, faith that knows no doubt, truth in which is no error, knowledge instead of opinion, happiness that does not yield to sorrow, harmony that cannot he made discordant. That is, the light of pure intelligence will prove to be the only light, and to be already in the world illumining mentality and visibility. To be healed means realized unity with God.

Divine Science knows no authority but self-evident Truth ; hence, its teaching is all sourced in the Statement of Being; and its numerous expressions are all formu- lated to accord with the Law of Expression. The State- ment of Being and Law of Expression distinguishes Divine Science and presents it as equally science and reli- gion, and as demonstrable and applicable. Therefore, they who give Divine Science thorough study will find in it the mental discipline, concentration, change of habits and the building of character essential to the demonstra- tion and embodiment of freedom ; it will bring out their ability to teach and heal. With this discipline they will be thoroughly prepared to finish the full college course by simply taking the theological and normal instruction which prepares for the Christ Ministry of Divine Science, to preach the glad tidings of peace on earth and healing for the nations.

We know there are earnest seekers in all parts of the world who are thirsting for the truth that is promised to make free — persons who, in seeming, are " heavy laden " with mortal beliefs and cares — who cannot enter The Home College of Divine Science, or even take a course of class-teaching. To these dear sisters and brothers this book will be a messenger of peace, health, prosperity and happiness; to study and apply its teachings will furnish a basis for a thorough spiritual education, which will un- fold from within as the study is persevered in. It will be of great value alike to teachers and healers who are in the field. A knowledge of the everywhere ness and the allness of absolute Good is that knowledge which contains faith and secures certainty of success. It is realization of wholeness and power to heal. Permanent health is Truth known and believed in. Humanity must come to know that it has ever held and will ever hold a true and unfail- ing relationship to all Good. We have only to perceive the relationship that is, in order to know the past and future. As God is one, His method of expression is one, everywhere at all times. Therefore, in Divine Science time and place are illumined with the consciousness that eternity is now — that the ever present is from everlasting to everlasting.

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