"No matter how much something has helped you in the past, if it does not stir you now into action it is not the Word of God for you. " --Charles B. Patterson

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Dominion and Power; The Science of Life and Living

Originally Published: 1901

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I. Three Planes of Development

II. Good And Evil

III. Elements of Character-Building

IV. Breath Control

V. Dependence and Independence

VI. Psychic Development

VII. Self-Expression

VIII. Prayer and Its Fulfilment

IX. Immortality

X. True Dominion


I. Practical Idealism

II. Success

III. Friendship

IV. Equality of the Sexes

V. Marriage

VI. The Rights of Children

VII. The Truth That Makes Free

VIII. The World Beautiful

IX. The Religion of Life

X. The Realization of Power


The prayer of the world to-day is for "light, more light." The mind of man is reaching out for a more comprehensive knowledge of the laws which regulate and control life. There is a wave of spiritual thought and feeling that is extending to the uttermost parts of the earth. While the ancient faiths are passing away, and man no longer accepts his religion because of the authority of any book or dogmatic creed, yet there is a new authority coming into life, such as the world has never known save in rare instances. The authority is the realized presence of God in the individual life of man. Where one feels with the heart, and knows with the mind, and is not in any way dependent upon any or all authority, the way of life is illumined by the light within. The kingdom of God is found as a conscious reality in the soul of man, and the individual soul becomes conscious of both dominion and power and rules its own kingdom. This little book is written with the fervent desire, on the part of the writer, to throw some light on the way of life ; or perhaps better still, to call into conscious existence latent powers of being that are resident in the soul of ''every man that cometh into the world." If it fulfils this object to one or to many souls, it has accomplished its mission. If it tends to make the burdens of life lighter by bringing new joy or hope into any life, it will more than repay the author for the time and labor expended in writing it. Faithfully yours, Charles Brodie Patterson.

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