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Experiences In Self-Healing

Originally Published: March 1905

published by London, L.N. Fowler & Co.; Holyoke, Mass., The Elizabeth Towne Co., Inc.

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Chapter I. Primitive Healing

II. The Darkest Hour

III. The Dawn

IV. Brighter And Brighter

V. Spiritual Tides

VI. Just How

VII. The Spirit Leads Me

VIII. Quick Healing

IX. How I Healed My Purse

X. Turned To Beautiful Results

XI. Concentration Plus

XII. Poise


My first remembered experience in self-healing occurred nineteen years ago, before I had ever heard of a new thought, or even of Christian Science; and before I had ever dreamed there could be any healing except by calomel and quinine. And yet I healed myself, and I knew when I did it. But I did not think. It did not occur to me then that there was any discrepancy between the old teaching that healing resulted from something swallowed, and the fact that I was healed without having swallowed anything unusual. Perhaps I was "too young" to reason much; I was scarcely 18 years old. But I was not too young to feel and act upon the impressions which came to me, and to all children, from the universal and immanent spirit of wisdom.

Here is my understanding of the case : I had never since childhood lived one natural waking hour. Always there was strain, strain, effort, and that horrible disappointment with myself--- that "I must" condition, like a lashed and quivering animal. All this interferes with bodily functions. My system was clogged with waste matter. Now when I once let go with such a will, I was affected all over. The utter letting go induced sleep, and sleep induced more relaxation, which was necessary to elimination of dead cells from the body. During that rest period I was literally re-built and rose a new creature. I never felt so quiet and strong and whole before in my life. I felt new, and I acted so. And best of all I had learned the lesson of not driving myself.

The good effects of that sleep never left me. And after a time, as I thought it all over I came to see that we were meant to love work, and that in a natural undriven state we would love any sort of activity we chose to engage in.

Then it was I began to see that the key to heaven and happiness is held by a little child, who is natural and follows with joy and trust his God-given inclinations. To him work is play. Since that time I have never labored. I play at all I do. I love my work, every bit of it.

As I gave myself up more and more to the healing of others I tried more faithfully to control my mind. It was in doing this that I learned what I have just been telling you. And by the practice of it I gained almost perfect control over my "temper," besides increasing immeasurably my power to heal.

And then it was I discovered that I was myself healed. My heart had ceased to flop and my tonsils to swell, and I no more took cold at the slightest provocation or none at all. And my old headaches were gone forever. Since then I have been no more subject to these things than has the healthiest person of all my readers. I am a healed woman.

Through gaining control of my mind by the practices here outlined to you, I gained control of my body. Body and mind are one.   [READ]

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