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How To Stay Young

What the Prophet Has Dreamed The Scientist Will Prove To Be True

Originally Published: 1908

New York. Thomas Y. Crowell Company Publishers

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Introduction: Conclusive Reasons Why Man Should Learn to Stay Young

Chapter I. According To Exact Science Man Can Do Whatever He learns To Do, and He Can Learn Anything

Chapter II. When Man Learns To Be Himself He Will Stay Young Without Trying

Chapter III. Why Man Looks Old Though Nature Gives Him A New Body Every Year

Chapter IV. Growing Old Is A Race Habit That Can Be Removed

Chapter V. Eliminate The Consciousness of Age By Living In The Great Eternal Now

Chapter VI. Training The Subconscious To Produce Perpetually The Elements of Youth

Chapter VII. Conscious Harmony With The Law of Perpetual Renewal

Chapter VIII. Why Experience Produces Age When Its Real Prupose Is To perpetuate Youth

Chapter IX. All Thinking Should Animate The Mind and Invigorate The Body

Chapter X. Mental States That Produce Conditions Of Age and How To Remove Them

Chapter XI. Mental States That Perpetuate Youth

Chapter XII. Live For The Purpose Of Advancement, Attain- ment And Achievement

Chapter XIII. Love Your Work. And Know That You Can Work As Long As You Can Love

Chapter XIV. Perpetual Enjoyment Goes Hand In Hand With Perpetual Youth

Chapter XV. Live In The Upper Story, And On The Sunny Side

Chapter XVI. The Ideal, The Beautiful, The Worthy And The Great Should Be The Constant Companions Of The Soul

Chapter XVII. To Love Always Is To Be Young Always

Chapter XVIII. How To Live A Life That Will Perpetuate Youth

Chapter XIX. Regularity In All Things, Moderation In All Things

Chapter XX. The Rejuvenating Power Of Sleep When Properly Slept

Chapter XXI. The Necessity Of Perfect Health, And How To Secure It

Chapter XXII.Live In The Conviction That It Is Natural To Stay Young

Chapter XXIII. What To Do With Birthdays

Chapter XXIV. How Long We May Live Upon Earth

Chapter XXV. A New Picture Of The Coming Years


Everything that is in action must necessarily work through definite laws. And as the mind is in constant action, alternating its actions at almost every turn of thought or feeling, it is evident that a vast number of laws are employed by the mental process. To know how the mind works, therefore, we must know something about these laws. In the following pages the most important of the mental and metaphysical laws known to date are considered from every possible viewpoint, the prin- cipal object being to ascertain their real nature as well as their power and use. In addition, a number of psychological ideas are presented that will throw light both on the inner and the outer workings of the mind. No effort, however, has been made to delve into the mysteries of the mind; this will be done in another work, the object here being to present the practical side of mental action, and present it in such a way that anyone may learn to use the powers of the mind properly. And at the present stage of psychological study, this is the most important. We want to know how the mind does work so that we may, in all mental work, use the mind in the best, the fullest and the most effective manner.

The fact that we have, in the past, known prac- tically nothing about the real workings of the mind, and also that there are only a few minds, even in the present, that have gained the power to direct and control mental action according to system, design and law, should make the study of this book both interesting and profitable. In fact, we are convinced that all who understand the purpose and the message of this book will become highly en- thused over its practical value; and will accordingly gain more from its perusal than tongue can ever tell. That this number may be very large in the pres- ent, and constantly become larger in the future, is our dearest wish in this connection; for when you know that a certain thing is so very true and so very important, you want everybody else, if possi- ble, to gain all that you have gained from the under- standing and use of that particular thing. And this is natural; we all want to share the truth with others; we all want everybody to gain that power through which the richest and the best that life has in store may be realized ; and this fact proves that there is far more of the noble in human nature than we have previously believed. How- ever, it is only as we learn to use the mind in har- mony with the natural and orderly workings of mental law, that everything that is noble in human nature will find expression.

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