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How We Master Our Fate

Originally Published: 1897

by The Alliance Publishing Company, New York

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1 The Inventor and the Invention

2. Law of Chance?

3. Acension of Ideas

4. Relation of the Visible to the Invisible

5. The Common Ground of Oriental and Occidental Philosophy

6. Living by Insight or by Outsight

7. Destiny and Fate

8. Where the Senses Belong

9. Servant or Master?

10. The Man and the Woman in our Dream-consciousness

11. How to Care for the Body

12. The Germs of Disease

13. The Power and Powerlessness of Heredity

14. Words on Storage Batteries

15. The Origin of Evil

16. Letting the Dead Bury its Dead

17. What is Within the "Here"?

18. The Hidden Body

19. The Way to Happiness

20. The Voice that is Heard in Loneliness

21. The Language of Suggestion

22. The Ingrafted Word and What Comes of It

23. The Law of Liberty

24. Constructive Imagination

25. Incarnation--The Purpose of Nature Fulfilled


Practically, if not theoretically, we admit the element of chance or luck in the government of our lives and consequently, believe in fate; believe that many of our conditions and experiences are beyond our power of control and must be endured with as much fortitude as we are able to command. We have become accustomed to look to the hereafter as the only possible state of freedom from the tyranny of circumstance, and have given to present endurance an amount of energy better expended in gaining control. To see destiny instead of fate, law and order in place of luck or chance, is to see the possibility of control; it is to expend our energy in co-operation with law and thus gain those results which are practical proofs that destiny is master of fate, and we rulers of circumstance instead of its blind slaves. These pages are given in the hope that by their means the road that leads from servitude to mastery may present itself to some who are wandering in a wilderness, seeking a way and finding none. They direct attention to neither stars nor " spirits " but to the ever-present possibilities of the human soul and how they can be developed. They teach concentra- tion, and not needless diffusion, of energy; self-reliance instead of a misplaced dependence upon anything in the heaven above or the earth beneath. Published originally in The Exodus they are now presented in a compact form which enables them to be kept readily at hand as an inspirer of better thoughts and efforts when the drudgery of daily life weighs heavily upon us. ---Ursula N". Gestfeld.

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