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Living By The Spirit

Originally Published: 1900

New York. Thomas Y. Crowell Company Publishers

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I. The Foundation

II. The Method

III. The Secret

IV. The Discovery

V. The Law

VI. The Spirit

VII. The Ideal

VIII. The Life


THE purpose of this little book is to simplify the problem of life. Its aim is also to increase the reader's knowledge of self, to add to bis powers of helpfulness, that through this added under- standing of life and this greater power of service he may be the more ready to manifest the fulness and beauty of the Spirit. The author has endeavored to be as clear and practical as possible, to use simple language, and avoid all technical discussions. Yet the reader should bear in mind that a condensed exposition of a theory of conduct necessarily demands more thought from its readers. Consequently, the book should be read only as rapidly as its leading ideas are carefully considered and tested by application to daily life. It may seem audacious to undertake to tell how one may live by the Spirit. But there are certain Preface evidences which one may gather by observation of those whose lives are thus inspired. Help is gained also by the study of natural law. So far as possible, the author has based his statements on the com- monest facts of daily existence. Even then he does not insist on his particular theory of the spiritual life. At best, a treatise like the present one is a mere steppingstone to individual thought and conduct, a helping hand by the wayside. They live by the Spirit who know that Spirit as it is personally perceived, as it illumines each soul. The Father has a special message for each which he will declare to those who listen in peace, in love and humility. This book is not a compilation of the author's larger volumes ; it is a fresh statement written to meet a constant demand for a simpler treatise, one which shall voice the spiritual essence of what to him is the greatest truth of life. If it shall quicken a deeper interest in the wonders and beauties of the inner life, its purpose will be fulfilled. For it is there that the Spirit is Preface found, there that one finds rest and food for the soul — in the kingdom of silence, the home of peace, of hope, and freedom ; the startingpoint in all that is noblest in humanity, the dominion of the Christ ideal.

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