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Mental Healing Made Plain

Originally Published: 1904

The Torold Post, Printers, Thorold, Ontario

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I am now going to suppose that you know nothing of Mental Healing and have come to me to ask what it is and how it works. You say you can not possibly understand how it is that the thought of one person can have any effect upon the body of another person, although you are ready to admit that your own thought has its influence upon your own body. You do not question that in the least. You know that your hand moves in obedience to thought, and so with all the members of your body. This has gone on so long and you are so accustomed to it that it seems a simple fact enough. It is, however, really a very complex and mysterious process. Merely taking it for granted does not explain it. What is thought, that it should act on the nerves and muscles of your body and produce motion? Who ever saw a thought when it so acted on nerve and muscle ? No one has ever been able to explain the mystery and yet we accept it as a fact. Do we do this because physiologists tell us it is so ? Wo. We know it through our own inner experience. For instance. I see a book on the table. I think I would like to examine it. I am con- scious of that thought. Then I think I will take it up, I am conscious of that thought also. Then I do take it up and I know, or am conscious, which means the same thing, that my taking up of that book is the result of my first thinking that I would like to see the book, and afterward thinking that I will see it. I know that my thought has somehow extend- ed my hand toward the table and caused the fingers to close about the book and then my hand has drawn the book toward me. Hundreds of nerves and muscles have been brought into action, and yet I do not know how it was accomplished. I may have it explained to me how muscles contract and expand and I may see that the entire network of nerves and muscles throughout the body is controlled by thought, but that is not seeing how it is done. That, it seems, must remain a mystery. But for that reason do we deny it ? Not at all ! I know of no one who does not acknowledge that thought controls the body; that is, that his thought controls his own body.

I shall therefore take it for granted that you will acknowledge that, but when I ask you to go a step further and accept the fact that my thought can act on your body I am not surpris- ed when you shake your head incredulously and say it can not be done. But suppose I point to a hundred instances where it has been done. Again you shake your head and say — Coincidence. Well, I am determined, if possible, to convince you. How shall I proceed? I want to prove that a more wonderful healing power has come to the earth than was ever vested in drug or other curative agent. All the drugs and healing agencies in the world have failed to give you perfect health, and that is why this new power is knocking at the world's door today. It has done more than that, it has entered but has not been hospitably received by all, and has been rejected by many who needed it most, and rejected because they could not understand, from a scientific viewpoint, how thought can produce the results in healing which are claimed for it.

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