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Primary Lessons in Christian Living and Healing

A Text-Book of Healing by the Power of Truth as Taught and Demonstrated by the Master Lord Jesus Christ

Copyright 1914

Published by The Master Mind Publishing Co.:Los Angeles, Calif.

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Lesson I. First Principles

Lesson II. The Real and the Unreal

Lesson III. Words, Their Use and Power

Lesson IV. Faith

Lesson V. Knowledge and Good Judgement

Lesson VI. Unity and Concentration

Lesson VII. Our Heredity and Freedom from Sensuality

Lesson VIII. Freedom from Delusions and Deceptions

Lesson IX. Forgiveness, The Cure of Sin

Lesson X. Overcoming Fear

Lesson XI. Divine Understanding, Our Strength

Lesson XII. Divine Completeness, Our Satisfaction


FOR over twelve years these lessons have been given to spiritual students, hundreds of whom are liv- ing demonstrations of their efficacy in healing. Not only have the sick been healed by the practice of these teachings, but characters have been redeemed from vice and weakness, and prosperity has come to those who had never dreamed that there is a law of mind that gives fortune and freedom from debt. Therefore these teachings are not theoretical or chimer- ical, but proven Truth, that Truth which is more valu- able than any earthly treasure that could be named, and for which no exchange would even be considered by the one who has learned and realized It. The lessons were first brought out as a serial in the metaphysical magazine Unity, of Kansas City, Mo., and through its wide circulation they have reached thousands whose loving testimonials are coming to the writer every day. As numbers of public teachers and healers have been the fruitage of the oral deliverance of these lectures, the same blessed harvest is anticipated through their dissemination in printing. Already the good news has come from different localities of groups gathering day after day and listening to the reading of the lessons by some one of their number, whose enthusiasm and faith baptizes the letter of the reading with that Spirit which is the essential goodness of oral instruction. Whoever wishes to use these lessons in teaching is welcome to do so, without referring to the author of them. No greater praise could be given than to quote them as impersonal Truth.

For the benefit of those who wish to make a study of the Bible with the true understanding of spiritual things there has been added an index of all the Bible references used in the book. Many obscure texts will be found among them whose interpretation is given clearly in the context of the book where the passage is quoted. Teachers and speakers who wish to give sermons and Bible readings will find this index of much assistance. Go, little book, and if in the great galaxy of spiritual lights that shall crown this century as the Spiritual Renaissance of the world thou canst be the polar star to even one weary mariner, lost upon the ocean of de- lusion, by which Truth may guide him to his Home, thine existence will have been well accounted for, and thy mission blessed. --A. R. M. CHICAGO, January, 1900.

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