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Prosperity Through the Knowledge and Power of Mind

Copyright 1913

Published by The Master Mind Publishing Co.:Los Angeles, Calif.

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I. Prosperity Through Spirituality

II. The Magic of Meekness

III. Confidence Through Knowledge of Truth

IV. Inspiration in Work

V. Freedom From Debt

VI. The Rich Mentality

VII. In the Quiet of The Home
Treatment 1. The Highroad of Prosperity

VIII. Prosperity Begins At Home
Treatment 2. Riches The Gift of God

IX. The Home Refurnished
Treatment 3. Bless, Praise, Give Thanks

X. Our Unlimited Capacity
Treatment 4. "My Cup Runneth Over"

XI. The Age of Miracles Still Here
Treatment 5. Godliness, the Substance of Riches

XII. Jesus Christ in the Business Man
Treatment 6. Christ In Me, My Prospering Power


This hand-book of PROSPERITY was written from the basis, that thought is a substantial influence in the world like electricity, steam, heat and light. That man can control, direct, transform and dissipate his thoughts in the same way that he manipulates the forces that are evident to his five senses.

If the man who takes this book has studied psy- chology and metaphysics from this viewpoint, he doubt- less has had proof of this thought-power. If he has not, then let him approach this book with a fair mind willing to investigate and not to judge until all the evi- dence is in, and a thorough trial has been given to the practices and applications, recommended.

In many cases, the simple perusal of the book will be sufficient to bring about a marked change for the better in one's affairs.

But the most earnest desire of the Author is, not that one shall be merely prospered in his worldly affairs by this volume, but that the little book shall prove the door of a new life. And that the reader shall go on, studying other works, of like nature, until he knows all the joy and freedom, that have come to the many, who have found their peace and happiness by living the principles, that are here upheld.

The Author will always be glad to hear from those who have been benefited by these teachings.

--Los Angeles, Cal. A.R.M. Easter, 1913.

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