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Renewal of the Body

Originally Published: 1913

Published by The Elizabeth Towne Co., Holyoke, Mass.;L.N. Fowler & Co.: London

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I. The Body Electric

II. Every Cell Thinks

III. The Preservation of the Body

IV. The Divine Alembic

V. The Fountain of Youth

VI. The Playground of the Spirit

VII. Soul Culture

VIII. The Glorified Body

IX. Generation and Regeneration

X. Prosperity

XI. Paths of Pleasantness

XII. The Word Made Flesh


The great truth which are not abroad in the minds of the people under the various names of New Thought, Mind Cure, Mental, Christian, Divine and Spiritual Science, have become proven facts to thousands, substantiated by daily expreiences. But there are thousands more who yearn for realization of these principles, which they have accepted intellectually but find difficult to demonstrate in the life-problems that confront them. It is for the sake of the latter that these lectures, which have been formed from practical data in the lives and experiences of good healers, teachers, and students, are not given. Especially have the facts here accumulated been found helpful in self-treatment.

The writer has endeavored, while giving relative facts for everyday living, to keep consciousness of the student one with Absolute Truth, which is above symbolism, above cause and effect, and is pure Being, not any state of becoming. And, if at any time the reader finds a statement that is contradictory to the Absolute, let such not hesitate to set aside the relative presentation for the Absolute, for in this way that will really be accomplished which was intended by this writing--the healing and uplift of the reader. --Annie Rix Militz, Sierra Madre, Cal., July 1913

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