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Spiritual Housekeeping

Originally Published: 1910

by The Master Mind Publishing Company, Los Angeles, Cal. Published by The Master Mind Publishing Co.:Los Angeles, Calif.

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1. The First Day - Sunday-Rest Day

2. The Second Day - Monday-Freedom Day

3. The Third Day - Tuesday - The Love Day

4. The Fourth Day - Wednesday-Wisdom Day

5. The Fifth Day - Thursday-Power Day

6. The Sixth Day - Friday-Day of Purity

The Seventh Day - Saturday-Perfection


IT has been claimed by certain occult teachers that one cannot advance in spiritual life so long as one is in business or in any way engaged in material affairs. This is one of those half truths that so often discourage the young student and cause him to take fanatical steps or utterly abandon the pursuit of the spiritual life through believing it is not for him. It is true that one who is given over to money-getting or mentally enslaved to drudgery cannot expect to attain heavenly heights. Indeed, he is not seeking such attainment. But the one who does desire it should realize that he can begin just where he is, and can make his work a mighty means of advancement, turning it from being a hindrance into a stepping-stone. His mind must be set right regarding his work until all sense of its burden and materiality has passed away, and those features in it that are untrue, dishonest, and unworthy of a man of God have been redeemed. Man decides the nature of work, making it noble or degrading according to his attitude in it and toward it. Any work that is for the good of humanity, even the most menial, can be elevated by the workman who serves the divine One in all.

The following talks upon housework and its meaning in the spiritual life apply to all manner of work. The topic, House-keeping, is chosen to make the application less abstract, but those who can read between the lines can see themselves all house-keepers, men as well as women; the women of leisure as well as well as the busy housewives, all keepers of the temple of God. Your body is your house; your mentality is your garden; your character is your earth. All these are subject to your spirit, the Master of the House. In this temple-house of God your thoughts and feelings as well as the members of your body can hold devotional services daily by doing all things for the Lord only. There is no piece of work but what may be a sacrament and an opportunity for bringing forward the high and holy One who is on His way proving Himself All in All. As this study upon concentration is presented under the headings of the days of the week a word as to the significance of this division of time will not be amiss. The formation of the seven-day week, while having a certain natural cause in the changing phases of the moon (these have been arbitrarily numbered four, whereas there could be as many phases as a compass has points), is essentially religious, and symbolizes a perfect round of devotion. Among the pagans the days were consecrated to the gods of the seven planets: Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn, but among the Israelites, the God-illumined people, they were devoted to the One.

It is ancient teaching that there are seven aspects of Deity ftlte seven spirits or angels J and that Man, as the image of God, is a sevenfold being. The Bible teems with symbols of seven in connection with God, from the seven days of Genesis to the seven angels of Revelation. When the seer who gave us the account of creation in Genesis described his vision he presented the different manifestations or aspects of God's presence in the terms of days of the week. These are given as sequential stages, but spiritual perception reveals God as ever creating or manifesting Himself in all His aspects simultaneously, as seven rays of light are flashed at once from a fixed star. The old belief that God created a world in a week and then abandoned it to its fate, as a clockmaker might do with a clock, is passing away, and spiritual reasoning portrays the omnipresent changeless God as ever manifesting His wholeness throughout eternity. Each day of the seven is a period of illumination from and upon one of the aspects of our divinity. Therefore to fill a week with right meditation is to have a rounded period of enlighten- ment concerning one's own true Being. For this reason a week of concentration practices is described. Continuation in these practices must eventually reveal the Supreme Master enthroned within the devotee, who, when acknowledged and obeyed will keep the mind poised and strong in perfect power of concentration without effort and finally without practice. --Annie Rix Militz., Sierra Madre, California. January, 1910.

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