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The Builder and the Plan

Originally Puvlished: 1901

The Gestefeld Publishing Co. Pelham, N.Y.

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I. The Unknown God

II. The Second Coming

III. Working and The Law

IV. The Creative Power of the Ideal

V. Self-Discovery Through Truth

VI. Walking By Faith

VII. Is Disease Real, or Apparent?

VIII. Health, and How to Obtain It

IX. Spiritual Medicine

X. Because of Your Unbelief

XI. The Will to Be Well

XII. Mind and Microbes

XIII. A New Beginning

XIV. Demonstrating Prosperity

XV. Inexhaustible Abundance

XVI. The Law of Attraction

XVII. The Law of Vibration

XVIII. Not According To Appearances

XIX. Pictures and Personalities

XX. Discouragement

XXI. Intuition

XXII. The Nativity and Maturity of Jesus

XXIII. Lost in Transit

XXIV. The Hidden Mystery

-------MY PUPILS-------

Who have learned the way of self-mastery and are endeavoring to walk therein; who prove their loyality to both teacher and teaching by efforts to live in conformity to the standard herein set forth; who grant to all the right to individual freedom and refrain from denunciation of those who do not agree with them; who see the divine image in every man and build no wall of division, but cultivate a spirit, charity, and helpfulness for all, with a love that finds it best expression in unfailing service.

May we "all come in the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man."


In presenting the system of thought names "The Science of Being" I ask that it be considered an argument only, by those to whom it is not a revelation. To be sounds as an argument it must be a logically consistent whole. To have practical value it must afford room for known facts. As an argument the vulnerability of its conclusions to criticism must depend upon true logical relation, or lack of it, to the premise from which they are drawn. The results of its use as a guide to daily living can be known only by the recipient, will be valued according to the measure of benefit received. Used as a working hypothesis by one who seeks knowledge, it may lead to more satisfying views of life and its meanings, or it may not. Decision rsets with the seeker, with the student rather than the reader.

Let those who cavil or protest do what is pointed out as to be done, and then say whether or no the declared results are possible. It is easy to criticise, to deny, to look for vulnerable places; it is not so easy to follow directions implicitly before rendering judgement, but it is the only fair method of procedure, mroe than that, it is the only method of more than intellectual proof. It were idle to expect or desire that this teaching will cause, in any case, immediate abandonment of denominational doctrines, but proof abounds that it will accelerate invitable growth beyond their limitations. All real reform is the result of growth, not belief. Growth is the attainment of an ideal. Change as an ideal is the result of experience. Though experience is the destroying angel in human life it is also the angel of revelation. In both cases the angel's office is ministration.

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