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The Conquest of Poverty

Originally Published: 1899

by Willmans Publishing House, Seabreeze, Fla,.

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I. In Bondage

II. The First Step Toward Freedom

III. The Dawn of Freedom

IV. Arival at the Conscious Plane of Growth

V. Practical Fruitage of the Conscious Plane

VI. The Potency of Desire

VII. Correlation of Thought to External Things


IX. The Vitality of Proper Belief

X. The Fear of Poverty

XI. Courage


XIII. Thought Transference - Reproduced here from the London Times

-A Bit of Seabreeze


To working men and women everywhere, the fuitage of whose toil is small; to those who would, but cannot toil because refused; to you now near the top of that great ladder climbed by brawn, who long to use your brain; to you now toiling in the mental world, who would buld better than you have; to all who long for greater wealth of purse and poewr and self, I dedicate this book. Remeber as you read it, that you, sir, are a man; you, madam, are a woman. Conditions cannot be your masyter when you know yourselves. The buds of wondrous promise are within us all.
Man! Woman! These are words of mighty power indeed when understood. Eahc human body ist he temple of its god within. Turn on the light of selfhood as you read this book and let the light be strong. Discover Self! If search be short or long, I say discover self! Then, know thyself, and then record a solemn vow and let it be, I can--I will--I dare--I do.

--The Author


Poverty is so widespread, its curses are so bitter and its effects so far reaching, that anything at all practical as a remedial agency can but be gladly welcomes. The life story of successful people in the form of b iography or autobiography always has an influence more or less healthful, but the real philosophy of success has been rarely if every touched upon in any writings of this character. The laws which underlie and govern success have been unconsciously practiced by many, and those who have recorded the histories of such lives in the form of biographies or authobiographies nearly always relate the sucess without even an attempt as a discovery of the real secret of the success attained. Effect is treated rather than cause. Another class of literature on success and how to attain it, how to get rich, etc., has been written by "literary" people who write for publishers at so much per page, and while the oretical essays of much seeming beauty have been written in this way, they cannot be said to possess the merit of truth born of experience. The lives of the authors are not, in such cases, in harmony with what is written. From the standpoint of success their lives are not demonstrations of what they seek to teach. While such aithors often write much that sounds plausible, their writings nearly always contain much advice that is positively detrimental to the development of courageous selfhood, the real key to all power.

There are thousands-to-day who know personally the author of this book. Those who do, know that words could hardly be found to over-estimate the grandeur of her woman-hood. She stands a giant oak in the forest of the world's great women. While master of many subjects perhaps upon no other is she better capable of speaking than upon the subject of this work. From poverty she has evolved to a condition of opulence, commanding to-day and income aggregating tens of thousands of dollar annually. From a position of shrinking self-denial she has risen to a plane of powerful selfhood, and through its poewr has conquered all undesirable environments; not poverty alone, but disease. At a time of life counted by the world as old age, instead of getting ready to die she is preparing to live. Her life story therefore is a significant lesson to all who are struggling with unfavorable conditions, even were it told alone and with no attempt to disclose the laws which governed her success.

This little book, while not purporting to be an autobiography, still marks the mile posts here and there, where courage guided her away from the paths of indecision out into the highway of self trust, as she gradually unfolded for herself and for the world the great principles of truth which she has so ably formulated into the school now known throughout the world as Mental Science, one of the greatest, indeed the greatest, of all contributions to truth in the nineteenth century. Marking as it does a general outline of her experience thus far, and illuminated as it is by the light of her philosophy, its influence cannot fail to accomplish great good. The reader will find that cause as well as effect is treated, and he can read it with satisfaction born of the knowledge that each page was lighted by the lamp of experience as the author wrote. We feel, therefore, that in this book we are offering to the world a temple of truth. Its foundation is the bed-rock of experience. It is lighted by a life-giving philosphy, the practicability of the teachings of which is a matter of common demonstration, not alone by Mrs. Wilmans, but by many of her students. Surely, then, this temple is not builded on the sands of theory, and though its spires reach into the clouds of the ideal, the highest points have habitable chambers. The ideal, to those who will read and heed, can be made the real, and though the storms of ignorant criticism should beat upon this house of the higher Law, it will not fail.

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