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The New Alinement of Life

Concerning the Mental Laws of a Greater Personal and Public Power

Originally Published: 1913

by Dodge Publishing Company, New York

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--Directions of Alinement

I. The Masters Alinement of Life

II. Jesus' Habits of Life and Thought: The Conditions of His Time

III. The Early Church of the Disciples: When Rome Then Annexed, Romanized, and Emasculated Christianity

IV. Science and Modern Research in Their Verdict on an Infallible Pope, Bible, and Church: The Myth of the "Fall of Man"

V. The Modern Spiritual Revival and the Temper of Our Time

VI. The Imperative Re-formation of Christian Faith That is Now Demanded

VII. The Vitalising Power of the Master's Message and Life: Elements of a Neutralising Influence That Are Passing

VIII. Modern Philosophic Thought and the Master's Great Fundamental of Religion and Life

IX. A Thinking Man's Religion: How It Raises and Beautifies Individual Life and Leads in the New Democracy

X. The Ideal Mental Day

XI. A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body: How Mind Builds Body--How Body Helps Mind

XII. The Mental Law of Habit: The Natural Law of Habit-forming and of Habit-breaking

XIII. Our Two Greatest Bug-bearts--Fear and Worry


The interest of thinking men and women the world over is being directed toward, is being focused upon, we might almost say, a very definite and a very significant field of thought. Life, life and the things that pertain most directly to it are, after all, they are finding, the things that really count. There is a Religious, a Philosophical, and a Political Renaissance, so to speak, that has come into being among us. It is unquestion ably of a very definite and clear-cut nature. It is more far-reaching in its scope and its influence than the Renaissance of history, in that it is practically world-wide in its inclu- siveness. There are new laws and forces that we are coming into the knowledge of, that are chang ing the very foundations of life, and that are leading, for many, to a more effective, a saner, a sweeter, and a more light-hearted way of living. There are new lights that are illumin ing the minds, and that are kindling with a warmer glow the hearts, — and that are there fore changing and renewing the outlook of the lives of men and women everywhere. We are discarding many old and too-long-held, they-say, half-truths, once of value, now a hindrance, for better founded newer truths. On the part of large groups of men and women, questions identical with or akin to the following are being asked : Is there a finer balance in Life? Am I up to, and am I keep ing myself up to " par " in my mental and physical life? Am I making an adequate or anywhere near an adequate use of the inner powers and forces — the " hidden energies " of life — in my e very-day living? Am I concern ing myself primarily with life, or with its accessories? Am I contributing my due share to the friends', the neighbours' — the world's work, needs, problems, joys?

To the consciousness of a large and representative group of men among us, are contin ually arising questions of the nature of the following : Why, although I have made a great success of my undertakings, with thousands at my beck and call, and have accumulated my millions — why am I continually haunted with the sense of a lack of something, some thing greater than all this, a haunting that will not down, and that keeps away from me the satisfaction that I dreamed was to be mine? Why is it that in the very middle of life I am a broken, shaking man, already with a sense of life primarily behind me, unable to enjoy the things I have so persistently worked for and that I can now have to unlimited extent? Why is it that my wealth and posi tion and success do not satisfy; that they are not what I thought them; that something within continually cries out for something else and that allows me no peace? How have I miscalculated? What is it that I have missed? What overlooked? Wherein is my lack? Great God! have I really missed the road? Whenever a man or a woman gives more thought, more time and attention to the mere accessories of life than to the life itself, there is an inner something that arises to protest and that will not down. If one refuses to heed it, there is no abiding satisfaction then to be found. Moreover when the cloudy or the dark day comes, as come it inevitably does now and then in every life, there is no refuge to fall back upon. So when a friend, a man of a very wide experience, said in conversation a little while ago, " It is after all a good thing for one to have a little philosophy in his life," he voiced a truth that increasing multitudes of men and women everywhere are feeling, indeed even saying for themselves. They are finding such a basis not only advantageous, but many are finding it essential. Others are finding that their standing-ground, their help, their source of abiding satisfaction rests in Religion.

Philosophy is being more closely related to life. It is being made more concrete, practical, helpful, — it is therefore becoming the priceless possession of ever increasing numbers of think ing men and women. When, therefore, Henri Bergson, with his marvellous insight and intuition, comes to the metropolis — the commercial metropolis, if you please — of the New World, for a series of lectures, thousands lay by their work to go up to hear him, and as many thousands are turned away through lack of room for their admittance. Men and women are inspired to greater depths of thought and feeling — and who could help being so inspired — by his spirit ual basis of life, his system of " creative evolu tion," his teachings of self-help, and of the almost limitless possibilities of human life and endeavour, that " joy and happiness are great impulses to prolonged and more highly developed life."

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