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Rhythm of Life

Originally Published: 1915

by Thomas Y. Crowell Company Publishers, New York

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I. Introduction

II. Music Of Other Climes

III. Energy Motion--Vibration

IV. Music And Colour Tones

V. Colour Values

VI. Music--A Compelling power

VII. Joy Rhythm--The Dance

VIII. Nature And Art In Singing

IX. Colour Tonics

X. Keynote To Health--Harmony

XI. From Out The Past

XII. Cosmic Consicousness

XIV. Life's Love Melody

XV. Music, Beauty-Religion

XVI. Music And Character

XVII. Music And Education

XVIII. A Refining Influence

XIX. Music Therapeutics

XX. Alive To Colour And Music

XXI. Eye Hath Not Seen


Dear Dr. Charles Brodie Patterson

This is a work for which I have long waited. I find here a fundamental examination of spiritual and physical laws relating to the rhythmic and vibratory forces that rule in the human sphere of thought and feeling. At a time when so much work is done, having mere impressionism as a basis, it is a source of joy to know that you have put into this book the product of years of patient observation and searching analysis, and I feel certain that it will stand the test of time. In Chapter III, under the title "Energy-Motion- Vibration," you go to the foundation of the subject of vibration, and in "Music and Colour Tones" you show their relation, and write with absorbing interest.

My first experience with the therapeutical power of music was in Paris at a time when the subject was not even discussed; but not until I went to live in London did I put the subject to a practical test. A friend of mine, the late Miss Clara Barton, who was for a long time President of the Red Cross Associa- tion of America, being dangerously ill, I was strongly impressed to try what musical improvisation would do in her case; a piano was moved into her apartment, and there every day I improvised for about one hour. The experiment proved successful, and in a compara- tively short time Miss Barton was able to leave her bed. The cure proved permanent. I could relate many instances of a similar nature among my friends in Florence, Berlin, and other cities.

For years I meditated the writing of such a book as you have now brought out, and I can say without any reserve that you have expressed my views and judg- ments all along the different lines of thought herein set forth. I shall now refer my friends to this work, for I do not think in our time a better can be written by anyone here or abroad. There are chapters such as "Colour Tonics," "Cos- mic Consciousness," and ^'Musical Therapeutics," that go to the fundamental basis of the subject, and you have put into concise terms what many would only render more recondite and mysterious. The laws you enunciate are as old as time, but the large vision pre- sented to the mind of the reader, the harmonious ar- rangement and the lucid definitions make the work authoritative and original. Every chapter deals with some phase of life-rhythm, some aspect of sound waves, some manifestation of colour-tone to which every human being is more or less intimately related.

The book is a key to the rhythm of life. Students of the new therapeutics, artists, musicians, singers and public speakers will study it as a text book. Very sincerely yours, FRANCIS GRIERSON. New York, March 15, 1915. THE SCHUYLER, 69 West 45th Street, New York City.

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