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What All the World's A-Seeking

or, the Vital law of true life, true greatness, power, and happiness

Originally Published: 1896

New York: 46 East Fourteenth Street
Thomas Y. Crowell & Company
Boston:100 Purchase Street

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I. The Principle

II. The Application

III. The Unfoldment

IV. The Awakening

V. The Incoming


There are two reasons the author has for putting forth this little volume: he feels that the time is ripe for it; and second, his soul has ever longed to express itself upon this endless theme. It therefore comes from the heart, -- the basis of his belief that it will reach the heart. -- R.W.T. Walnut Street Boston, October 15, 1896

Would you find that wonderful life supernal,
That life so abounding, so rich, and so free?
Seek then the laws of the Spirit Infinite, Eternal
With them bring the full life into harmony.

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