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Your Forces and How To Use Them

Copyright 1887

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1. The Practical Use of Reverie

2. Your Two Memories

3. Self Teaching; Or, the Art of Learning How To Learn

4. How To Push Your Business

5. The Religion Of The Drama

6. The Uses of Sickness

7. Who Are Our Relations?

8. The Use Of A Room

9. Man and Wife

10. Cure For Alcoholic Intemperance

11. The Mystery Of Sleep; Or, Our Double Existence

12. The Church Of Silent Demand


That cry for "rest for the sick," or "rest of the spirit," which goes unheard from thousands today and which involves at times a weariness and even disgust for life, comes entirely of weariness of mind, and consequent weariness of body, through mental habits and states of mind unconsciously formed, leading to exhaustion and depletion of life's forces; and such exhaustion and depletion are the causes of disease, inability to enjoy life or attain success in life. Mental or spiritual force here means that literal, unseen element, your thought, which, as you send from you and concentrate and direct on persons far or near, can "push things" and accomplish results, though the persons acted on be a thousand or ten thousand miles distant from your body. This force you can constantly increase, by means which to some may seem very trivial.

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