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George Bendall

(July 5, 1919 - October 20, 1992)

New Thought Author George Bendall

About New Thought Author George Bendall

Dr. George P. Bendall was a very George Bendall was a Southern aristocrat by birth. He was also an engineering prodigy who was even exempted from miliary service by President Franklin Roosevelt. By 1957, George Bendall was a member of the Religious Science movement and was ordained as a minister-at-large. Bendall also became a close associate of Ernest Holmes, the founder of Religious Science. Bendall eventually became the pastor of Founder's Church in Los Angeles. He helped thousands of people to understand and celebrate the Science of Mind teachings and philosophies. He also served in various other churches throughout Southern California up until the very end of his life.

"The mind with which you think, plan, remember, grieve and rejoice is not an isolated phenomenon. Scientists are increasingly intrigued with the theory of a Cosmic Mind connection – and with the power this implies for those who know it and use it."

Dr. Bendall, puts the Science of Mind teaching in its most user-friendly terms, beginning with the Law of Eradication: "the one certain way to be mentally and emotionally done with your problem-making patterns. After that, it’s really very smooth sailing – despite what 'they' may think."

Published writings by George P. Bendall:


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