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Quotes by Albert C. Grier

New Thought Author Albert Cotton Grier


"The limit of one's ability and accomplishment is the limit of one's faith. " - Albert C. Grier

“We are brought face to face with the fact that while God is love, he is also justice, and if any person who comes into the Truth thinks that he has found an easy way out of the difficulties of life, and a necromantic way of solving his problems, he is certain to have a rude awakening. The law of life is: "As ye sow, so shall ye reap.” -- Albert C. Grier, The Truth Way (1929)

“A thousand years are as one day to one who loves. To see the Spiritual world composed of perfect beings is to be out of the limitation of time and space” -- Albert C. Grier, Truth And Life (1868)

“No man is free so long as he can drown in water, burn in fire, or be buried in earth. His mastery must come through knowing the spirituality of the universe and the immortal security of spiritual man.” -- Albert C. Grier, Truth And Life (1868)


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