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Quotes by Brother Mandus

New Thought Author Brother Mandus


"We are alive to learn how to live like infinite beings of light, manifesting this Almighty Love which is God in all kinds of personal ways" - Brother Mandus

“You do not need to think very deeply to realise that God has given us a creative faculty. The power of thought which we use in our own tiny human sense is creating something every day of our lives, both in our own personality and in the things we make, from cakes to castles, from writings to works of art.” -- Brother Mandus The Christ Within (1918)

“It is fundamental to your health and happiness that you shall Love with all your heart and mind. ” -- Brother Mandus The Divine Word

“Use me Father, as a channel of light and love to all mankind -- unconditionally. ” -- Brother Mandus Our Father: Meditation on the Lord's Prayer (1900)


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