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Quotes by Charles Fillmore

New Thought Author Charles Fillmore

(1854 - 1948)

"Words are also seeds, and when dropped into the invisible spiritual substance, they grow and bring forth after their kind." - Charles Fillmore

“You may think that you could live better and do more good if you had lots of money. Things would not be a bit better with you if you had a million dollars, unless you also had the undersanding to use it for the good of yourself and others. Would you give a child a million dollars to go buy candy and ice cream for himself? We must evolve with our possessions until we get the ability to handle them.” -- Charles Fillmore Prosperity (1936)

“Mental beliefs of every kind to take up their abode in the consciousness and make a home there. If you believe in old age and bodily decepitude and decay, you will find that all the little cells throughout your organism are carrying in their depths just such pictures, as the clear waters of the lake reflect the trees and the clouds.” -- Charles Fillmore Christian Healing: The Science Of Being(1854)

“Having once seen Truth, having once had the illumination, you find that the next step is to demonstrate it and not to be cast down or discouraged by the opposite. When the crucifixion comes and you are suffering the pangs of dying error, you may cry out, "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" forgetting for the time the promises in the mount of Transfiguration. This is when you need to realize that you are passing through a transforming process that will be followed by a resurrection of all that is worth saving. ” -- Charles Fillmore Atom-Smashing Power Of Mind (1949)

“The I AM is not in itself power nor wisdom nor love, it is simply the vehicle to which these factors harness themselves. ” -- Charles Fillmore Talks On Truth (1922)

“In every change of consciousness on the physical plane there is a breaking down of cells and a building up of other cells to take their place. Mentally this is denial and affirmation, and this process in the body is the result of these two movements in the mind. We let go the animal life and take hold of the spiritual life by giving up consciously to this "passing over" process, which takes place when the old cells are replaced by the new. The lamb that is killed and eaten in the night represents this giving up of the animal life in the obscurity of the carnal body. ” -- Charles Fillmore The Metaphysical Bible Dictionary (1936)

“I have only two rules which i regard as principle of conduct. The first is: Have no rules. The second is: Be independent of the opinion of others. ” -- Charles Fillmore The Twelve Powers Of Man(1930)


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