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Quotes by Fannie Brooks James

New Thought Author Fannie Brooks James

(1854 - 1914)

“If we follow the inner call of Truth, we shall have the outer evidence” - -Fannie Brooks James

“Truth never changes; it is 'The same yesterday, today and forever.' It fills the universe of God, hence all Truth is here and now, and all that is true is eternal.” --Fannie Brooks James, Divine Science: New Light Upon Old Truths (1896)

“It may be that those who have sought a distant heaven have reached the desired goal to find that the heaven they sought was always in their midst and must be found first within the soul.” -- “No longer need man accept these old beliefs, for light is now shed upon the truth of man. The new thought reveals that man is one with God. Since God is All, then logically man is included within God and is one with Him and with all creation.” --Fannie Brooks James, Divine Science: Its Principle And Practice (1896)


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