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Quotes by Henry Thomas Hamblin

New Thought Author Henry Thomas Hamblin

(1873 - 1958)

“Behind each life is the Divine Will and Purpose. Each life is perfect as it is imaged in the Universal Mind.” - -Henry Thomas Hamblin

“In order to regain health it is necessary to raise oneself up continually to the Divine Ideal of health, harmony and perfection. But this is useless if there still remains a clashing of the personal will with the Divine Will, or if there is any hate, malice, envy, or fear in the heart. ” --Henry Thomas Hamblin, Within You Is The power (2004)

“No one who does not practice [the] inner secret communion with his Spiritual Source can ever keep alive the flame of his inner life.” --Henry Thomas Hamblin, The Life Of The Spirit (1925)

“The world may be divided into two classes of people: (1) those who overcome life, and (2) those who are overcome by life. Those who overcome life’s difficulties are those who do so in thought. Those who are overcome by life’s difficulties, are those who do not overcome in thought. ” --Henry Thomas Hamblin, The Power Of Thought (1921)

“ By trying to stop a bad habit or hurtful practice we do but make it stronger; the only effective way of dealing with a bad habit or hurtful practice is to cultivate an opposite good habit or practice. Therefore instead of giving way to our grief and sorrow on the one hand, or fighting against it, on the other, we make a deliberate effort to switch the mind over to God and Truth.” --Henry Thomas Hamblin, My Search For Truth (1951)

“Your success, health and happiness all depend upon the type of thought that you entertain. If your mind dwells upon positive thoughts only, then you become positive and by sustained action, successful. If, however, you think negative thoughts you become negative and consequently a failure.” --Henry Thomas Hamblin, Dynamic Thought - Create The Life You Want (1900)


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