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Quotes by Julia Seton Sears

New Thought Author Dr. Julia Seton Sears


“Every disease is the invention of man, and has no identity in wisdom; but to those who believe it, it is a truth.” --Julia Seton Sears

“There is nothing in all the world but life! Even Death itself is only life acting inversely.” --Julia Seton Sears, Methods Of Obtaining Success (1914)

“The Concentrated mind owns itself. It is success, and it thinks itself straight into the middle of the law of power. The diverse, flitting, rambling mind, is a failure from the start, because the power of life lies in being able to unify all action, either mental or physical.” --Julia Seton Sears, Methods Of Obtaining Success (1914)

“The solar plexus is the home of the ego or the spirit of men; it is the connecting link between man and the Infinite and is the meeting place of the divinely physical, and the physically divine men.” --Julia Seton Sears, The Psychology Of The Solar Plexus (1914)

“Live appreciation; radiate it; let it shine through you, but by all means learn to make your lips declare the truth your heart has known.” --Julia Seton Sears, Methods Of Obtaining Success (1914)

“Every thought, spoken or unspoken, registers in the aura; every feeling, expressed or unexpressed, also registers. Our aura may become a cloud by day, and a pillar of fire by night, it may be flung around us like a robe shedding light upon our own soul's journey, or shutting us into the darkness of the damned.” --Julia Seton Sears, Your Aura And Your Keynote (1910)


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