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Quotes by Mildred Mann

New Thought Author Mildred Mann
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“Never forget – you belong to God” - Mildred Mann

“..The Tree of Life is the spinal column, and it is through that spinal column, when you reach a certain stage of development, that the etheric substance surges up and sets the regenerative proc e s s in full force. When you get to that stage, and you will some day, in some lifetime, you will have the power of staying around, young, as long a s you wish to” - Mildred Mann A Metaphysical and Symbolic Interpretation of the Bible (19--)

“As metaphysicians, we know that faith is directed belief...

Remember, what you think upon, grows." -Mildred Mann (Lectures 1-4)

“The greatest difficulty with humanity is that people sit and bemoan their fate. They tell you and the rest of the world how terribly they are treated. The more they do that the more they impress the subconsciouss mind , which we have learned is completely unreasoning, and will reproduce whatever it's told. And so they get a little more sickness, a little more trouble, a little more heartbreak. And if they are religiously inclined, they say, "It is God's will...

It is a wise thing to bless the money you spend, and to know it will com back to you multiplied." -Mildred Mann (Lectures Lectures 5-8)

“It is a wise thing to bless the money you spend, and to know it will com back to you multiplied. " -Mildred Mann (Lectures 5-8)

“Fear is the father of every ailment that has ever or will ever exist. Early danger signals erupt in the guise of selfishness, envy, hatred, and criticism. They can be uprooted if you cath them in time, and every time they spring up." -Mildred Mann (Lectures 9-12)

“The subconscious is the part of the mind with which we are mostly at grips. The subconscious, while it produces our good for us, also produces all of our problems. Nothing, absolutely nothing, has ever happened to you or to me or to any other human being in this world, except that we have consciously or unconsciously brought it to pass, be it good or bad. There is no sense blaming the other fellow for things that happen to you. He has nothign to do with it. He was merely an intrument, brought to you by the Law which you set in motion, --the Law that governs the subconscious mind. - Mildred Mann How To Find Your Real Self (1952)


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