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Quotes by Nona Lovell Brooks

New Thought Author Nona Lovell Brooks


“Old age does not mean the burden of years; it means the fruition of a life. Years are our friends, not our enemies, if we live in harmony with these, and think of them as opportunities for development. Each day of the year is in itself an opportunity to realize more of truth; but unwisely we resist the passing of the years instead of cooperating in spirit with the seeming flight of time. It is human ignorance in relation to process that makes us old, not the experiences of time in its passing. It is our attitude toward time that keeps us free from the limitations that the race would burden us with” - Nona Lovell Brooks Mysteries (1924)

“Faith in God makes us whole; health is wholeness, and it is our normal state. There is no mystery in healing for God is Health.” - Nona Lovell Brooks

“Divine Science is revealing to us two things: first, that healing is not a physical process but, spiritual realization; and second, that health is not a condition of physical well-being only but the realization of a state of wholeness in the individual. Healing is the turning from the belief in disease to the realization of God’s Presence and Perfect Activity. God is health. Do I hear you asking, “Since God is health and God is omnipresent, what is there to be healed?” There is only one condition to be healed--our misconceptions.” - Nona Lovell Brooks Mysteries (1924)

“To change environment or outer conditions we do not have to work directly with them but with our own thinking about them. - Nona Lovell Brooks Short Lessons In Divine Science (1940)

“The Substance of the body is Spirit; there is nothing else for it to be. “That which is born of spirit is Spirit.” “Like produces like.” Knowing the body to be Spirit, we come into the perception of its true nature. We no longer condemn it to weakness and limitation. We see it as holy, as whole--an expression of Universal Life. We reap the fruits of our thoughts; for we begin to see the true state of the body.” - Nona Lovell Brooks Short Lessons In Divine Science (1940)

“It is by the process of resurrection that we rise out of the contemplation of that which is hidden, the mysteries as we have called these, into the full light where everything is made clear. There is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed to the one who sees the unity of Life. We are rising into a recognition of the glory of process when we stand before a blade of grass and see that even this is wonderful." - Nona Lovell Brooks Mysteries (1924)


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