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Quotes by Thomas Parke Boyd

New Thought Author Thomas J.  Hudson


“The will is the keystone in the arch of human achievement. It is the culmination of our complex mental faculties. It is the power that rules minds, men and nations.” --Thomas Parker Boyd

“Let us go back to Christ; learn anew his message of health and happiness for all people, and instead of following the Christ of the flesh, let us go forward with the spiritual Christ, who is with his people for all time the true Emmanuel. ” --Thomas Jay Hudson, The How and Why of the Emmanuel Movement; a handbook of psycho-therapeutics (1909)

“ 'Know thyself' is the first step to knowing the other fellow. You may have birth, environment, education, brains and opportunity, and utterly fail because you cannot get along with other people. That inability arises from the fact that you never understood yourself, and therefore, did not understand the people about you. You can change this failure to success by training your powers of observation, and then using your common sense. This will enable you to know them, encourage them to like you, and inspire and motivate them.” --Thomas Jay Hudson, The Mental Highway; lessons in academic an applied psychology (1922)

“No man needs the Great White Throne, and an Unerring Judge, nor does he need to wait for eternity to find out what the future holds. He knows already. A man is not one thing in char~cter here and something else over there. Death works no miracle of character; life does,. that. The laws of spiritual gravitation are as unerring as the other laws of God. Every man goes to his own place by the affinities of character; he continues life there with the attainments made here. ” --Thomas Jay Hudson, Borderland Experiences; or, Do The Dead Return? A study of spirit states and activites (1919)


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