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Quotes by Uell Stanley Anderson

New Thought Author Uell Stanley Anderson
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“It is apparent that inductive reasoning knows circumstance and seeks the law, while deductive reasoning knows the law and seeks the circumstance. The parallel can be seen immediately. Man knows circumstance and seeks the law. The Universal Subconscious Mind knows the law and seeks the circumstance.” -- Uell Stanley Anderson, Three Magic Words (1954)

“Mastery over life is not attained by dominion over material things, but by mental perception of their true case and nature.” --Uell Stanley Anderson

“Imagination is the tool by which we may be delivered from ourbondage. We can decide what we will think. We can decide to ori-ginate thought from some secret wellspring within rather than inresponse to the stimuli of the outer world.” -- Uell Stanley Anderson, The Magic In Your Mind (1961)

“Each day of your life you are sowing seeds that one day you must harvest. When you have come to truly understand this, you will take your satisfaction from your work and never from your harvest. For the sowing of the seed is all any of us does in this life” -- Uell Stanley Anderson, Three Magic Words (1954)

“No goal is too distant, no path too arduous when we take the journey step by ‘step. Withdraw your mind from the seemingly impossible summit and turn your attention to the step to be taken today. Our steps through life are chains of cause and effect, and each step successfully taken delivers the next one to us with greater ease until in the end the final goal is ours” -- Uell Stanley Anderson, Three Magic Words (1954)

“When humility enters our souls, we are at last able to perceive that we do not live alone in the world but with millions of brothers and sisters, and that hidden in the heart of each is the same animating spirit.” --Uell Stanley Anderson


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