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Stuart Grayson

(March 15, 1923 - July 12, 2001)

New Thought Author Stuart Grayson

About New Thought Author Stuart Grayson

Stuart Grayson was an American New Thought author and Religious Science minister. He was a leading authority in the area of mental and spiritual self-development. Grayson was a renowned speaker and frequent international lecturer on the Science of Mind Early in his life, Stuart Grayson experienced a dramatic physical healing through spiritual means. After his healing, he devoted much of his time to studying spirituality and world religions. He investigated both eastern and western spiritual tradition and philosophies, and began practicing various methosd of self-awareness. He also studies at the Jung Institute in Switzerland, and with Dr. Carl Alfred Meier, co-founder of the Institute. As a result of his spiritual quest, Dr. Grayson affiliated himself with Religious Science.

Stuart Grayson was guided into the ministry by a desire to bring a practical spiritual philosophy to as many people as possible. He soon became widely known and well respected for his presentations of spiritual psychology and philosophy. Stuart Grayson became the pastor to Manhattan's First Church of Religious Science until 1999. Grayson was also the minister and director of the Center for Creative Living in New York City. He was the Pastor Emeritus there until the end of his life.

Grayson also became active in the business world as well, and was a corporate executive for many years. He was also a poet and an author, also appearing on a weekly television series airing in New York City called Creative Living. He also produced and appeared on a weekly talk-radio program in New York City for several years. Every Sunday, Grayson also spoke at Alice Tully Hall in New York's Lincoln Center for over 30 years. His bestselling Science of the Mind book Spiritual Healing: A Simple Guide for the Healing of Body, Mind and Spirit had a profound impact on New Thought.

Dr. Grayson was the first author in the modern metaphysical movement to be honored by The New York Post, the only major evening newspaper in New York City at the time. He was also well praised by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, W. Clement Stone, Dr. Larry Dossey, Dr. Lawrence LeShan, Dr. Bernie Siegel, and many others in the spiritual, business and medical fields. He also received recognition from two U.S Presidents, two New York state Govenors, and three mayors of the city of New York. In 2005, he was referred to as "one of the foremost" Religious Science ministers.

Published writings by Stuart Grayson:


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