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The Mystical History of the Science of the Mind

Feb 26 2012 - From the Everyday Center for Spiritual Living (ECSL), with guest speaker Terry McBride. For thousands of years various mystical organizations and teachings have explained how the mind, when developed enough, can create material representations in actual manifested form. You are powerful beyond measure!

"It certainly follows that if you are to make practical use of Science of Mind you must be able to convert things into thoughts, and by changing your stream of consciousness produce a corresponding change in an objective situation."--Ernest Holmes

The ultimate goal of all the spiritual models is to understand who we truly are. Socrates said: "Know Thyself" and Shakespeare said: "To Thine Own Self Be True".

Who is that Self that I Am that allows me to be free? The challenge is, that there are many different paths to this self discovery. There are many paths to God.

The Hindu religion is the oldest living religion dating back about 6,000 years. The Hindu philosophy believes that everyone is different and we use these differences to discover who we are. As you move through the dogma and disciplines you move up to a higher level, eventuall reaching the mystical teachings. In the Hindu teachings it is also held that there exists a universal mental principle that is known as creative mind. It's essence, or elemental character, is described as the blending of our imagination and our will. When we start to take charge of our Imagination and Will we can create reality...

Each individual possesses a portion of this creative mind for their own use. The mind, when advanced and disciplined enough, has the power of materializing physical creation directly of itself without the need for physical activity. The achievement of this is part of our spiritual and mental inheritance. It can be used when we have evolved sufficiently to make use of this God-like ability...

The whole purpose of Mind science, Unity and Metaphysics is to prove the teachings of Jesus. It's interesting to note that while all the great scriptures agree about God and our relationship with God. But aside from Christianity, very little is mentioned in the other religious scriptures about healing the sick and the control of conditions through the use of Divine Power. What Jesus taught to the human race was very simple-- you have the right and the authority to use divine power to take control of the conditions in your life. All things are possible if only you believe. Whatever you ask for in prayer, beleiving you shall have it you shall have it. Prayer is not about God it is about your beliefs...

We all come together here to explore the idea that we are not our stuff, we are not our history or our past, but we are a unique incarnation of the Divine and as That we have the right and the authority to use our creative consciousness to create form; it is about Love and Divine power.


Everyday Center For Spiritual Living

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