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Unity Consciousness - Video #1

A metaphysical journey into unity consciousness with amazing graphics and peaceful music.

Unity Consciousness - PART TWO

"All are but parts of one stupendous whole, Whose body Nature is, and God the soul." ~ Alexander Pope

In the beginning was the Spirit of God, the still I AM essence of consciousness; void of form and shape yet filled with infinite possibilites. The spirit of God was All-That-Is, and All-That-Is desired to know itself through its own experience. At first it looked outside of itself for something else with which it might be compared; searching for some external point of reference with which it could interact--but there was nothing else because it was All-That-Is...

So instead of looking outside of itself for a point of reference, All-That-iS did the only thing it could do in order to create and gain experience. All-That-Is began to look within (which is not a bad idea for anyone who desires self-awareness). From within its own essence it nearly impoded, figuritevely turning it own self inside out, vibrating the first creative thought. From within its own self it vibrated the light of all creation, and like a kalidescope it burst forth, revealing its infinite parts, each racing forth in joy and love expressing themselves in the beautiful dance of life in the universe. From the absolute Oneness, the illusion of relativety and separation was created...

The spirit and energy that permeates throughout the entire universe manifesting itself as all that you see around you, receives the thoughts, feelings and sense impressions of everything within creation. For this reason, the same universal force that flows throughout your own physical body and soul also contains within it essence the presence of every other particle of the cosmos. Quantum physics has revealed to the modern world that all subatomic particles are actually waves of quanta, or light that spread themselves throughout the universe without beginning or end. Because the true nature of all energy and matter is light, your own presence can be found flowing and vibrating within all of the various forms that compose creation... [Excerpts from video]

Unity Consciousness:

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