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Creative mind  (1919)

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"Borrowing knowledge of reality from all sources, taking the best from every study, Science of Mind brings together the highest enlightenment of the ages."--Ernest Shurtleff Holmes

This little book is an attempt to explain what each soul must discover for himself, that he stands in the midst of an eternal cr eative power which presses itself around his own thought, and casts back to him glorified a ll that he thinks. If it awakens within the consciousness of one single individual the realization that the mind of the Universe (which is the only mind that there is) is hi s own mind; that the creative power of this mind is his also; that the mani festation of this mind is hi s own individuality; that the love and power and peace of this mind is with in himself, it will not be written in vain. May it then do much in simplifying and brin ging to light some of the deeper mysteries and meanings of life.

Chapters: * In The Beginning; * A Principle That Can Be Proven; * The Word Going Forth; * Auto-Suggestion the Medium for Influencing the Subconscious Mind; * Why And What Is Man?; * The Law of Our Lives; * Man's Part; * Bondange and Freedom; * The Word; * The Man Who Has Arrives; * The Power We Have Within Us; * Individual Ideas; * The Reason For The Universe; * Mind In Action; * Action And Reaction; * Arriving At A Higher Cosnciousness; * Outer Suggestions; * The Use of the Greater Consciousness; * The Greater Consciousness; * The Perfect Universe; * About Struggle-Karma; * The Same Power Used In Two Ways; * Healing The Sick; * Denials * The Use of Affirmations; * The Highest Attitude of Mind; * Non-Resitance; * Be Alive; * Be Happy; * Live In The Present; * See The Good in All Things; * Be Expenctant; * Expanding Our Thought; * The Power of a Treatment; * Repeating The Treatment; * Impersonal Healing; * Prosperity; * What Is The Spiritual Mind; * The Church of God; * The Path To Prosperity; * The Way of The Spirit; * The Level of Concsiousness; * Practice For Prosperity; * Questions and Answers;

Man is born of the Spirit of God Almighty, is pure, holy, perfect, complete and undefiled, at one with his eternal principle of being. Many people are finding this out and as a monument to its truth millions are daily proving it for themselves. Somewhere down the path of human experience we will all awake to the realization that we ourselves are heaven or hell. We live in Spirit awaiting the touch of thought that believes. All people look, a few see.

Since all is mind and it is done unto us as we mentally think, all life is simply a law of thought, an activity of consciousness. In our life the power flows through us. If we provide a big receptivity, it will do a big thing. If, on the other hand, we only believe in a small way, the activity must be a small one. The Spirit can do for us only what it can do through us. Unless we are able to provide the consciousness, it cannot make the gift. Few people have a great consciousness and this explains why so few excel. The power behind all things of itself is without limit. it is all-power and in us it has to become what we make it.

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<< New Thought Authors >> Ernest Holmes

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