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Healing Letters  (1954)

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"Borrowing knowledge of reality from all sources, taking the best from every study, Science of Mind brings together the highest enlightenment of the ages."--Ernest Shurtleff Holmes

" to change our minds and hearts so that God's omnipresent good may fill our minds and hearts and manifest in our lives. "--Myrtle Page Fillmore

This book is made up of extracts from the letters of Myrtle Page Fillmore, "mother of Unity," as she was lovingly called and as she was in its founding. By her mothering spirit of love and faith and service, in cooperation with her husband Charles Fillmore, she molded Unity and upheld it during the years of its growth.

As the letters from which these extracts were taken blessed and lifted those to whom they were sent, it is hoped that they will do this for others as they go forth in printed form; that they will bless students everywhere and thus extend Myrtle Fillmore's ministry on this plane, as she is now extending it on that other plane to which she said she was called for another phase of Christ ministry.

Chapters: 0 My Love to Thee Adapted from "The Rosary"; 1 Myrtle Filmore; 2. Jesus Christ; 3. Prayer; 4. Drawing on the Source; 5. Going Into The Silence; 6. Quickened By The Spirit; 7 Understanding The Body; 8. Day and Night Experience; 9. No Incurable Disease; 10. Permanent Prosperity; 11. The Subconscious; 12. Threefold Healing; 13 Developing Our Faculties; 14. Spiritual Control of The Body; 15. The Way To Health; 16. Helping Ohters; 17. Concerning Age; 18. Our Work; 91 Our Methods; 20. Transition; 21. Maternity; 22. To Truth Leaders; 23. To Married People;

Those who take time regularly to give themselves to the necessary prayer and meditation, to get new light and to round out their consciousness and ability to use all their faculties, find that they go from one prosperity to another. They frequently finish with one thing undertaken. This does not mean that they have failed or that they must be without position and resources. It means that they are being offered the next higher step, and that by entering upon the new undertaking or the greater light given in the present place, they are growing and bringing forth more of the inner resources.

The only way to abide in cosmic consciousness is to develop Christ consciousness, the abiding realization of oneness with God-Mind and of its ideas as directing all the faculties in fulfilling the divine purpose in being.

Jesus Christ has merged His wonderful consciousness with the race consciousness, that we may turn to Him and receive into our minds the understanding of life and the activities of mind that result in freedom from the limitations of race beliefs and intellectual reasonings. We can quicken our own Christ Mind by dwelling upon the Truth that we are one with Jesus Christ and one with God, through the understanding that Jesus the Christ helps us to unfold

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