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Just Be Glad  (1912)

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"That person who declares that there is always something wrong is always doing something to make things wrong."--Christian D. Larson

This is the message of the new order, the new life and the new time. It is the golden text of the great gospel of human sunshine. It is the central truth of that sublime philosophy of existence, which declares that the greatest good is happiness, and that heaven is here and now. To live in the spirit of this wonderful message; to be a living example of this great gospel, to work out in everyday life the principle of this inspiring philosophy, the first and most important thing to do, is to lay aside our sorrows and glooms, and just be glad. Wherever you are, or whatever has happened, just be glad. Be glad because you are here.

1. Spirit And Matter; 2. The Higher Mode of Intelligence Cotnrols The Lower; 3. The Unity of Spirit; 4. The Subjective and Objective Mind; 5. Further Considerations Regarding Subjective and Objective Mind; 6. The Law of Growth; 7 Receptivity; 8. Reciprocal Action of the Universal and Individual Minds; 9. Causes and Conditions; 10. Intuition; 11. Healing; 12. The Will; 13 In Touch With Sub-Conscious Mind; 14. The Body; 15. The Soul; 16. The Spirit.

Just be glad, and you always will be glad. You will have better reason to be glad. You will have more and more things to make you glad. For great is the power of sunshine, espe- cially human sunshine. It can change anything, transform anything, re-make anything, and cause anything to be- come as fair and beautiful as itself. ....

Just be glad and your fate will change; a new life will begin and a new future will dawn for you. All things that are good and desirable will begin to come into your world in greater measure, and you will be en- riched far beyond your expectations, both from the without and from the within. And the cause of the change is this, that all things respond to the call of rejoicing; all things gather where life is a song...

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<< New Thought Authors >> Christian D. Larson

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