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My Search For Truth  (1951)

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"You are the architect of your own life: it is yours to make or to mar. By the power of thoughts you are building; are you building aright?"--Henry Thomas Hamblin

My Search for Truth is the spiritual autobiography of Henry Thomas Hamblin; the gradual and somewhat painful unfoldment of his spiritual journey. The early part of this book inevitably repeats some of what he wrote in his earlier "The Story of My Life", but it then goes on to give a clear picture of the philosophy and beliefs that he gradually grew into.

Chapter 1: Earliest Impressions; Chapter 3. Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde And A Certain Mr. Pliable; Chapter 4. Brokern Cisterns; Chapter 5. New Ideas; Chapter 6. I Retire From Business; Chapter 7. On Feeling; Chapter 8. On Trying To Live A life of Faith; Chapter 9. I Continue My Story; Chapter 10. The Overcoming of Grief And Sorrow; Chapter 11. Some Thought on The Life To Come; Chapter 12. War Again; Chapter 13. Imagination; Chapter 14. On Trying To Enter The Silence; Chapter 15.The Law of Plenty; Chapter 16. Ceaseless, Interior Prayer; Chapter 17. How I Found God's Inward Peace; Chapter 18. Caught Up In The Spirit; Chapter 19. I Find That God Is At Work In My Life; Chapter 20. Love The Key; Chapter 21. Interior Respiration; Chapter 22. Practicing The Presence.

Truth is undoubtedly withheld from us until we are ready for it, for it is so powerful that it would destroy us, in much the same way as if we gaze at the sun too long without protective glasses we may damage the retinae of the eyes. Therefore a premature realization of the inner Spiritual Man might have proved equally destructive to me...

Daily we can sit quietly, knowing God. We do not try to define God, for God is beyond all definition; we simply become still and know. We feel the One Life, deep within our being, and find that our own life has infinite extensions, beyond time and space. No longer do we seek God with our head--we know Him with our heart. Deep down within us we find God's inward peace. We 'breath the sweet ether, blowing of the breath of God'...

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<< New Thought Authors >> Harry Thomas Hamblin

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