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Within You is the Power  (1921)

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"You are the architect of your own life: it is yours to make or to mar. By the power of thoughts you are building; are you building aright?"--Henry Thomas Hamblin

The Power of Thought will appeal to those seeking to improve their lives, whether by the practical application of thought or through following a more spiritual path. By thought man either curses or blesses himself. By it he brings into his life either success or failire, health or disease, happiness or unhappiness, poverty or prosperity. It is all in his mind and the character of his thought. Disharmony, lack, sickness or unhappiness is the result of our unharmonious thought.

We live in an orderly Universe, but we do not react harmoniously to our environment; we are not in corresponence with the hidden law and order all aruond us. It is not necessary for the universe to be altered; what is needed is that we ourselves should be changed. Within ourselves is the cause of the disorder in our own individual world--for we each live in a world of our own creation. Abounding health, suffciency of supply, achievement, accomplishment and indescribable joy are the normal state of mankind, and all that is needed to achieve this state is for one to come into harmony with Cosmic Law.

Chapter 1: Thought The Cause of Action; Chapter 3. Victims of Ignorance; Chapter 4. Victims of Suggestion; Chapter 5. The Secret of Overcoming; Chapter 6. Creators of Our Own Evil; Chapter 7. Right Thought and A Right Attitude; Chapter 8. The Effect of Thought on Health; Chapter 9. The Attractive Power of Thought; Chapter 10. Thought-Control and Spiritual Attainment; Chapter 11. The Overcoming of Fear; Chapter 12. Not Deman, But Obedience; Chapter 13.First Steps .

The power of thought, as Emerson says, is a spiritual power. It is the greatest power that man has at his disposal. The world today is in its present state simply as a result of mankind’s collective thinking; each nation is in its present state of either peace and prosperity, or poverty, murder and anarchy, simply as a result of its thinking as a nation; and each individual is what he is, and his life is what it is, and his circumstances are what they are, simply as results of his thoughts. ..

Right thought then is a preventive of disease in many ways, as well as a healer, in that it brings our minds into a state of rest and peace Fundamentally, the cause of all disorder is separateness from the Divine order. If we could all become perfect and in complete alignment with the Divine, then we could meet with no suffer - ing or trouble at all. The cause of our suffering is that we are not in harmony, or correspondence, with the internal perfect Divine order. God does not punish us, we punish ourselves, or, rather, our evil punishes us. Evil is its own punishment. Being separate from the Divine order accounts for it all. ...

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<< New Thought Authors >> Henry Thomas Hamblin

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