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The Twelve Powers of Man   (1930)

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"Right here and now the great work of character-building is to be done, and whoever neglects present opportunities, looking forward to a future heaven for better conditions, is pulling right away from the kingdom of heaven within himself."-- Charles Fillmore.

In this work Fillmore teaches that man has twelve God-given powers or faculties to aid him in his spiritual development, and that he can combine them to bring about his highest good. The faculties are, among others, faith, strength, wisdom, power and will. A chapter is devoted to each faculty and questions accompany each chapter by way of emphasis.

JESUS prophesied the advent of a race of men who would sit with HIM on twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel. This book explains the meaning of this mystical reference, what and where the twelve thrones are, and what attainments are necessary by man before he can follow in Jesus in this phase of regeneration.

It is not expected that beginners in the study of metaphysical Christinaity will understand this book. It deals with forces that function below and above the field of the conscious mind. This book presupposes a working knowledge of both the subconscious mind and the superconscious. This book aims to clear up the mystery that ever envelops the advent, life, and death of Jesus.

Chapters: * The Secret Door To Success; 1 The 12 Powers of Man; 2 The Development of Faith; 3 Strength--Stability--Steadfastness; 4 Wisdom--Judgement; 5 Regenerating Love; 6 Power--Dominion--Mastery; 7 The Work of the Imagination in Regeneration; 8 Understanding; 9 The Will Is the Man; 10 Spiritual Law and Order; 11 Zeal--Enthusiasm; 12 Renunciation; 13 Generative Life.

THE SUBCONSCIOUS realm in man has twelve great centers of action, with twelve presiding egos or identities. When Jesus had attained a certain soul development, He called His twelve apostles to Him. This means that when man is developing out of mere personal consciousness into spiritual consciousness, he begins to train deeper and larger powers; he sends his thought down into the inner centers of his organism, and through his word quickens them to life. Where before his powers have worked in the personal, now they begin to expand and work in the universal. This is the first and the second coming of Christ, spoken of in the Scriptures. The first coming is the receiving of Truth into the conscious mind, and the Second Coming is the awakening and the regeneration of the subconscious mind through the superconscious or Christ Mind.

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