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Brother Mandus


New Thought Author Brother Mandus

About New Thought Author Brother Mandus

Beaumont Nyquist Mandus was born Hartlepool, an English seaport, and was the son of a water clerk for a ship's chandler. His parents belonged to the established Church of England, where he was also babtized and confirmed. As a young (and often mischevious) child, Mandus would ponder metaphysical concepts such as life and death. One day while standing in front of a mirror, young Mandus received a revelation about life and suddenly knew without a doubt that 'only eternal life and endless security existed'. He felt so strongly that he would live forever that he took a nail and carved "I will live forever" along the bottom frame of the mirror.

Mandus would later discover the importance of how to meditate in Silence. He would spend hours in sincere meditation. Mandus began practicing spiritual healing around this time. Mandus would eventually focus most of his attention on his spiritual path and began ministering. People would come to him to share their troubles and he had a gift for helping them. Mandus decided to close his business, which had suffered severe financial reversals over the years, and begin a full-time healing ministry. Within a month he set up two modern rooms; one for an office where he would carry out his work, and another for a healing sactuary. For several years people would come to Brother Mandus for help, healing and prayer. Many were healed instantly even of their physical ailments, while other were slower to cure; some did not receive physical healings, but after receiving Brother's guidance, they were lifted up in courage, faith, and love. On a daily basis, Mandus discovered more and more external evidence that there existed "external evidence of divine guidance, healing, supply and steady progression."

At first, Mandus only prayed with those who came to him for help. But after awhile, people began writing to him for healing intercession. Mandus extended his ministry, and soon he was receiving hundreds of letters from all over the world requesting his healing prayers and guidance. Every letter was answered with loving help and encouragement Mandus reports that many were healed and blessed in this way, and believed that the Power of the Written Word in letters formulated in prayer is effective without limits of time and space. Eventually Brother Mandus decided to take his gospel out into the world. Although he had no former experience with public speaking, whenever he was invited to address a group of people, he did so without written notes and his words flowed naturally as if they were divinely inspired. He went on to speak in crowded halls and churches all over the world, the words, always coming to him as he spoke. Mandus later would begin publishing a free monthly magazine devoted to the principles he was teaching through the Santuary and through mail written correspondence. The free magazine was entitled Crusader and received over a million requests per year.

Brother Mandus decided to expand his Sanctuary and ministry and in 1952, he founded the headquarters for the The World Healing Crusade, in Blackpool, England. The Crusade was an inter-denominational organization whose only purpose was to advance Christ's work on churches and organizations already established throughout the world. Mandus regarded his crusade as an expression of positive Christianity, and as providing a bridgeway between New Thought and the orthodox churches. The principles and ideas that Brother Mandus taught were much influenced by the English New Thought leader, Henry Thomas Hamblin, who Mandus considered his biggest spiritual inspiration for his work. Brother Mandus added an emotional warmth to the New Thought ideas, which was often lacking in the more intellectual New Thought writings and speakings of the time. His unique ability to express the essential New Thought philosophies in terms familiar to the orthodox believer made him welcome in the pulpits of many orthodox churches.

Brother Mandus Nyquist's son, Condrad Nyquist, continued conduct divine healing services for the World Healing Crusade after his father's death in 1988. Today, the World Healing Crusade has a worldwide membership of approximately 60,000 people based in 130 countries, and continues to share its message through love and faith in God.

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