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Mental Science and Faith Principles for Health and Well Being in Mind, Body and Spirit

A list of free e-books, videos and articles about health and well-being, including spiritual principles for healing, along with science of mind techniques for creating physical well-being and longevity...

Health and the Inner Life
An analytical and historical study of spiritual healing theories by Horatio W. Dresser

Spiritual Health and Healing
Principles for spiritual healing of the mind and body and the mental science for health and well being.

Truth and health
Ebook by Fannie Brooks James about the Science of the Perfect Mind and the Law of its Expression.

The Science of Being Well
A guide to the mental science healing techniques for obtaining well being by Wallace D. Wattles

The Will To Be Well
Ebook by Charles Brodie Patterson on the spiritual will to be well and other health and healing principles.

The Mind Cure
Christian D Larson explains how to manifest health and mastery over the physical mind and body.

How To Let God Heal You
Unity principles and spiritual advice for health and healing by Myrtle Fillmore.

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