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Principles of the Science of Mind

Barbara Waterhouse at the Center for Spiritual Living New Thought Community in Asheville, North Carolina speaks about the core principles of the Science of the Mind teachings.

We are made in the image and likeness of God--the Divine. The Science of Mind teachings are based on the idea of Oneness; that we live in a universe of Oneness and there is only One Mind. We are connected with everything and everyone, everwhere and always. We are each a part of the Divine. Everything is a part of the One. In the 1800's Wallace Wattles in his book the Science of Getting Rich tells us that there is a 'thinking stuff' that in its original state permeates, penatrates and fills the inter-spaces of the universe. A thought will create the thing that is imaged by the thought...

All is one and there is no separate and we are all made out of the same 'stuff' that God Is. Within us is the Divine. We are not 'bad sinners' who came into this world with a black mark on our souls, but we are Spirit in Form. We are the light ray of the Light and it is one and the same. There is something wonderful and powerful in us; something beautiful and whole and complete within us. When we realize this then we can move into our lives not from a position of inadequacy, but from a sense of fullness...

When we choose the thoughts we think, we choose the life we live. We are the only ones who can allow the entry into our lives, the thoughts that will create the experiences. We are the only ones who decide if a thought will gain entry into our consciousness or not and we can lives these thoughts or not. We can allow ourselves to know that we all create reality by choosing how we want to think, and choosing the feelings that we will feel. We are the one's who invite in the thoughts and the feelings, thoughts and actions that create the life that we want. We all have this power inside ourselves and it is our God-given birthright simply by being here. We have the ability to manifest whatever it is that you want. Simply by the way we look at our lives we can change the course of creation. It is not that 'We beleive it because we see it', but rather, we see it because we first believe it. We must pick the thoughts that you want to think to create the life we want to live...


Center for Spiritual Living Asheville

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