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Bread From Heaven

A Spiritual Diet of the Sayings of Jesus Christ

Originally Published: 1920

by The Master Mind Publishing Co.:Los Angeles, Calif.

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In these days of returning to the direct teaching of Jesus Christ, there is an increasing demand for his sayings to stand forth dis- tinctly from his history as presented in the Four Gospels. The Red Letter Testament was one of the first responses to this demand. Other works like The Great Discourse have sought to supply this need. This volume aims to give all the sayings of Jesus Christ in a form that can be a daily study, a spiritual diet for the soul-hunger of the thousands who long to be like Jesus Christ in character, works and attainment. We become like that which we study, and our minds "let this mind be in us which was also in Christ Jesus" by earnest and faithful study of, and meditation upon, the words which sprung from the mind of the Master. Arranged to be a daily study for five years under more than two hundred and fifty subjects, this compilation will be a means of most devoted application, and those who will faithfully eat and drink these sayings, will find their progress in the Christ Way greatly enhanced, and their daily living full of spiritual sweetness, strength and- satisfaction.

Other uses will be found for the book such as reciting, as ''Grace before meals," the red-letter saying of the week at the top of the page at breakfast, and the red-letter saying at the foot at the even- ing meal. Those who desire material for discourses, writings and meditations will find the subject arrangement especially helpful. For readings from the pulpit, also for responsive readings for minister and congregation, this little volume may prove a happy aid. But more than all else, this is the deeply heartfelt, humble desire of the compiler, that this daily companion shall contribute to the enthusiastic and whole-hearted return of . every Christian to the primitive doctrines and practice of our Leader, Jesus Christ, the one sure Guide into the Life of endless Happiness and Peace. --Sierra Madre, Cal., U. S. A., June, 1920

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