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Originally Published: 1918

Published by The Master Mind Publishing Co.:Los Angeles, Calif.

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1. The Nature of Concentration

2. Power of Repose

3. Self-Control

4. Concentration in the Daily Life

5. Peace and Bliss


The following lesson were first given in Los Angeles at the Home of Truth in the summer of 1907. Since then they have been presented to large audiences in various cities of the world with most happy and practical results. Although spoken without notes, stenographic reports have made it possible to publish the lectures almost literally. They were brought out in the magazine, The Master Mind, in 1914, and, though the style of the familiar talk has been retained, yet for this book they have been revised, added to and re-arranged with sub-heads so as to make them easy to study, or to be taught to others, and in many ways convenient for the practical student of spiritual mind to attain the power of concentration he desires. May all of your needs and desires in this direction be met quickly, O Reader, and may this little volume be a privleged instrument in setting your feet in the Straight Way forever is the earnest prayer of the author. --ANNIE RIX MILITZ

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