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Every Man a King, or, Might in Mind-Mastery

Originally Published: 1906

New York, Thomas Y. Crowell & Co. Publishers

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Chapter I. Steering Thought Prevents Life Wrecks

Chapter II. How Mind Rules the Body

Chapter III. Thought causes Health and Disease

Chapter IV. Our Worst Enemy is Fear

Chapter V. Overcoming Fear

Chapter VI. Killing Emotions

Chapter VII. Mastering Our Moods

Chapter VIII. Inprofitable Pessimism

Chapter IX. The power of Cheerful Thinking

Chapter X. Negative Creeds Paralyze

Chapter XI. Affirmation Creates Power

Chapter XIII. Thoughts Radiate an Influence

Chapter XIV. How Thinking Brings Success

Chapter XV. Power of Self-Faith Over Others

Chapter XVI. Building Character

Chapter XVII. Strengthening Deficient Faculties

Chapter XVIII. Gain Beauty By Holding The Beauty Thought

Chapter XVI. The power of Imagination

Chapter XVII. Don't Let The Years Count

Chapter XVIII. How To Control Thought

Chapter XVIII. The Coming Man Will Realize His Divinity


We build our future, thought by thought,
Or good or bad, and know it not--
Yet so the universe is wrought.
Thought is another name for fate,
Choose, then, thy destiny, and wait--
For love brings loev, and hate brings hate. ---Ella Wheeler Wilcox

A CERTAIN man of no great learning, so runs an old legend, fell heir to a ship. He knew nothing of the sea, nothing of navigation or engineering, but the notion seized him to take a voyage and command his own ship. The ship was gotten under way, the self-appointed captain allowing the crew to go ahead with their usual duties, as the multiplicity of operations confused the amateur navigator. Once headed out to sea, however, the work grew simpler, and the captain had time to observe what was goin on. As he strolled on the forward deck, he saw a man turning a big wheel, now this way, now that.
" What in the world is that man doing?" he asked.
" That's the helmsman. He is sterring the ship."
"Well, I don't see any use in his fiddling away there all the time. There's nothing but water ahead, and I guess the sails can push her forward. When there's land in sight, or a ship coming head on, ther'll be time enough to do steering. Put up all the sails and let her go."

The order was obeyed, and the few survivors of the wreck that followed had cause to remember the fool captain who thought a ship steered herself.
You say no such man eveyr existed, and you are right. That isn't admitting that no such foolishness exists, however. You wouldn't be so foolish, would you?
Think for a moment. Are you not in command of something more delicate, more precious, than any ship---your own life, your own mind? How much attention are you giving to the steering of that mind? Don't you let it go pretty much as it will? Don't you let the winds of anger and passion blow it hither and thither? Don't you let chance friendships, chance reading, and aimless amusements sway your life into forms you never would have deliberately chosen? Are you really captain of your own ship, driving it to a sure harbor of happiness, peace, and success? If you are not, would you not like to become such a master of the sitation? It is simpler than you perhaps think, if you will but realize certain fundamental truths and put to work your own better nature. To tell you how, and to direct your effors is the object of this series of little talks on the use of thought in life-forming.

Considering that mind governs everything in our world, that force has been singularly neglected an dmisunderstood. Even when tribute has been paid to its poewr, it has been treated as something unalterable, a tool that coul dbe used if one was born with the genius to do so. Of recent years, the control of thought, and its use to modify character already formed, to chance even external surroundings, or at lease their effect on one's self and to bring about health, happiness, and success, have been more and more studied and understood. The possibilities of thought training are infinite, its consequences eternal, and yet few take the pains to direct their thinking into channels that will do them good, but instead leave all to chance, or rather to the myriad circumstances that buffet and compel our mental action if founter-effort be not made. There can be no more important study, no higher duty owed to ourselves and those about us, than this of thought-control, of self-control, which results in self-development. :

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