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Lessons in Science of Infinite Spirit, and the Christ method of healing

Originally Published: 1890

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>> More by Malinda E. Cramer -------CONTENTS-------

Divine Being, in Which we Live,

Thought; The Ideal Creation, and Creative or Imaging Power
Guide to Truth,
Healing Thought,

The Effect or Fruit of Thought,

The Way of Reconciliation,
The Old and the New
The False and the True,
What to Deny and What to Affirm,

Baptism by the Spirit
Subject: Science, The Prayer of Understanding

Prayer of Understanding and Thanksgiving,
Subject: Faith, the Substance of Things Hoped For,

Intuition, the Eye of Understanding. Healing Affirmations,

Attributes of Inifinite Spirit
Words of Healing,

Truth's Paradise,

Preface, ,/br> Expansion into Consciousness,
Subject: The Spoken Word, or the Purpose of Life in Creation

The Spoken Word (Continued)
The Divine Order, or The Scienceo f Expression

Questions and Answers,

Want, Love and Works
The Law
The Ever New
Divine Love an Unity
Judge Not
Witness of Truth
Walk int he Light
"With what Measure Ye Mete"

What is Justice?
"There is none good, but One"
"Thy faith hath saved thee"
"Blesed are they which do hunger and thirst
Faith, or Divine Will
How should desire be overcome?
"Come unto Me"
What is Mesmerism?
"Jesus Wept"
"Seek and ye shall find"
Understanding and its Realization
Great Religious Teachers
"Take my Yoke upon You"
Eternal Punishment

Subject: The Way and Will of Universal Spirit



As the lighthouse throws its beams to guide the mari- ner through trackless waters, so upon the world's waste, this book is sent out to warn the wayfarer from time and place, and to guide him into the secure peace and rest of Infinite Love. May this chart of divin(^ experience and illumination guide all pilgrims on the path of life into the safe harbor of Infinite Love, or Unity and Truth. As the light shining from the lighthouse warns from danger— by making clear the way of safety— and therefore directs into safe harbor, so the truth set forth in this book of lessons will be seen to be that light manifest ' ' that lighteth every man that cometh into the world," to make clear the way to the Christ consciousness, thus guiding into safe harbor of Oneness with God, the Father. We purpose in this book, through the science of Infinite Spirit — Mind — Principle — to make clear that understanding which unites all, and which alone reveals the true relation of humanity to God, and the purpose of God in humanity, which is the straight and narrow way that leads unto safety. Contained in these pages, as in the universe, or realm of nature, is the spoken word of the science of God, and of his creations ; of the science of Infinite Spirit, and the orderly and harmoniouts method of divine procedure, which clearly points the way by which humanity may be guided to that perfect light of understanding and wisdom which alone accompanies the consciousness of truth. There-fore the record of truth which this book contains is the sure beacon which points the way to divine understanding of the right conduct of life, as experienced, proven and demonstrated by the author and many of her students.

Divine Science, the truth of Infinite Spirit and of its creations, is a knowledge of God, and of the method of generation and re-generation. Natural science deals with, effects in nature's realm, and treats of the relation of things to things. Its theory is, that various and general results proceed from particular causes, which causes are themselves results. The universal law of creation, or science of expression, as alone taught and strictly adhered to at Home College, is as essential to a perfect understanding of the detail of science as is the statement of Being essential for the perfect solution and demonstration of the science. Therefore, in order to understand the height, and depth, and breadth of the truth expressed in this book and in the College teaching, it is necessary that the student hold himself or herself at one with Infinite Spirit, and then expect that what they read has been written from the consciousness and realization of this eternal truth. A knowledge of the way by which the Father manifests in earth, is a knowledge by which the word is made flesh, and is a knowledge of generation from God — the formless Being — to nature, the form, also a knowledge of re-genera- tion back from nature or form, to God, the formless. As in the science of numbers an understanding of principle secures a correct solution and example, so in this Infinite science, or truth, an understanding of Infinite Spirit secures truthful conclusion and right word and action, thus proving to a certainty that we are doing the Father's will. He who is uncertain, hesitates, and he who hesitates " is like a wave of the sea, agitated and tossed by the wind." — James I-6. He is like a ship in thick darkness, attempting to make safe harbor without guidance from a beacon light, and is at the mercy of wind and wave. Perfect knowledge of eternal life is realization of eternal harmony ; and this is health, or spiritual wholeness, and is for all who will partake of truth. Early one morning in the beginning of the year 1885, during an hour of earnest meditation and prayerful seeking, the writer asked if there was any way, means or power, by which she could be healed. This question was asked with faith, believing that it would be answered, and with willingness to cheerfully abide by the decision, whatever it might be (many physicians having pronounced her case incurable); the answer immediately came in the inmost perception and understanding, that if she recovered, it would be by the power of Infinite Spirit. She had then been under medical advice and treatment for more than twenty years, and had lost all hope of obtaining relief from medicine, or from material remedies. Therefore, when from the

Infinite One the message was received, which was the intuitive response to her question, she turned all thouo^ht and attention to Infinite Spirit for assistance — for health, knowledge and power, and for all that of which she then believed herself to be in need. This was the first time during- her earthly experience that she had given up belief in, and ceased seeking relief from, external remedies-- ceased to expect health and happiness from effects. rPherefore it was the first time she had sought God, and Him only, with singleness of purpose, expecting to realize that which was being sought. Great was the faith before God, for the thought was, that if she could be healed by the power of Infinite Spirit, she must seek Spirit as the means of health ; and to the silent, soundless Presence, in which all live, and move, and have their being, she said that if she could be thus healed , it must be through a knowledge of the truth, which alone frees, and if worthy to know the truth, in simple, fervid faith, she would endeavor to serve truth by adjusting all her ways and conditions to it. At that time she was almost startled by her thought of promise, for she realized to whom the promise was made. Day after day to the best of her ability, as she practiced in thought, word and deed, the truth perceived, she began to realize and positively know the presence, goodness, wholeness, and perfectness of the One in which all live. Prior to this practice, the presence of God had been to her a vague belief Cognition and demonstration of first and final truth have gone hand in hand from the time of this, her first perception from the Spirit of Truth, which was a gleam of light that animated hoi)e of final recovery. Therefore, conscious unity with God, perfect health, and a knowledge of the detail of science, resulted from faithfulness in practcie. Science, or Truth, and the Christ method of healing as taught in Home College, of which these lessons are representative, has been intuitively perceived, analyzed, systematized, and practically demonstrated by the author. When the decision was willingly made to impart to others the truth perceived, immediately Divine understanding made clear the truth that all reasoning must be from the plane of Infinite Spirit — all analysis must be from the standpoint of Principle — God must be the subject and cause of all conclusions, if they be those of truth.

Since her awakening to the consciousness of truth, her work has been to systematize the science of Infinite Spirit, to teach it in both written and oral lessons, to demonstrate it by healing and by imparting the knowledge to others^ thus enabling them to demonstrate the same power and truth in healing by the same means, proving the omni- presence of the Spirit of Truth. In the silent, soundless, and formless Presence, the Giver of all good, the science, including the detail, has been by her perceived and realized. Therefore her work has been and is that of teaching humanity, and pointing the way by which all may turn, seek and find, that God, the source of all power, wisdom, and goodness, is no respecter of person, pointing the way by which all "may look to the Lord and Live." *'So, if any one of you be deficient in wisdom, let him ask from God, who imparts liberally to all, and does not censure, and it will be given to him." We teach that God, the Father, sustains the same relation to each and all. *' If ye continue in my words, then are ye my disciples indeed." *' And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." These lessons are intended to be studied and applied ; which means health, hai)piness and illumination, with the consciousness of Spirit. To be healed, means a spiritual or normal condition. It means ease instead of dis-ease, love, not fear, charity in place of unkindness, faith, not doubt, truth, not error, knowledge, instead of opinion, happiness, in place of sorrow, harmony, not discord ; that is, understanding takes the place of mental darkness. To be healed, means realized unity with God, the ever-present source of all good. These lessons have been prepared in lecture form and carefully worded, that the idea of the Father be prominent in every sentence ; that you may heal yourselves, and teach and heal others. For all must have a certain amount of mental discipline before they can heal, or understand why truth does heal. If these lessons be studied, understood and applied, students will be prepared for a College course; so that with the discipline of one course of primary instruction, they may enter the normal class, and there demonstrate under- standing, and go forth, bearing the message of the gospel of peace, and healing the sick of false i^elief We know there are earnest seekers in all parts of the world who are thirsting for the truth that is promised to make free — persons who are ' ' heaxy laden' ' with mortal cares and mortal beliefs — who cannot enter a Home College of Science, or even attend a course of class-teaching in Science and healing. To these dear sisters and brothers this book of lessons will be a messenger of peace, giving rest, health and happiness. They will also prove of great value alike to teachers and healers who are in this field of work. They who know God, the Father, also know truth, the son, both unmanifest and manifest, for the truth is the idea or eternal word implanted within the individual, and the same is inherent in God, which is the idea and possibility of Himself; therefore, Truth is God and God is truth. *' I am the way, the truth, and the life.'' *'To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness of the truth." Witness of myself, for I am truth. ' * Everyone who knows and understands that he is of the truth, hears and comprehends my words." They who know God, also know of their own oneness with Him, and of the truth about His creations ; and they can bear witness of the same in many ways, can demonstrate freedom, health and power. They who do not realize God's presence, in which they Hve and have their bein^, do not realize the truth of themselves, and such are heard to exclaim, What .is truth? as did Pilate to Jesus, who stood before him, conscious of being God manifest in the flesh. To ask what is truth, is but to ask what is God ; and if truth be not known unmanifest and when manifest, then God is not known unmanifest or manifest ; and while He is everywhere an invisible presence, and is also apparent in the world of effects, the unillumined intellect continues to ask for a sign, or a symbol of His presence. A knowledge of truth is a knowledge of the science of God. God understanding and consciousness, and truth understanding, and consciousness are identical ; for it is impossible to conceive of truth that is not of God, or conceive of God without knowing truth ; and in this oneness is love and wisdom conceived and rea;ized, the demonstration of which is healing.

To have a knowledge of God and truth, and have faith in and love for Hirrl of whom we have knowledge, is to be healed and to have power to heal. Permanent health is truth and infinite harmony, understood and believed in. Humanity has ever held and will ever hold the same relation to God, that it does at this time ; so we have only to perceive its present relation to Him in order to know the truth of both the past and the future. That God is One, and His method is one at all times ; therefore, in science or truth, time and place are terms which belong to appearance only.

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