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Masterful Personality

Originally Published: 1921

New York. Thomas Y. Crowell Company Publishers

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I. Supreme Personality

II. Impeling Personalities

III. The man You Could Be

IV. Personal Charm

V. A Winning Personality As An Asset

VI. What We Attract

VII. You Can Compel People To Like You

VIII. What Is Your Keynote?

IX. Take Your Manners With You

X. What Mental Chemistry Will Do For You

XI. Timidity And Supersensiteveness

XII. Habit And Personal Supremacy

XIII. Clothes And The Man

XIV. Conversation The Art Of Arts

XV. Be Sincere! Be Genuine!

XVI. The Voyage Of Self-Discovery

XVII. Health Is Power

XVIII. Ambition, The Spur Of All Achievement

XIX. Self-Reliance And Self-Help

XX. The Driving Force Of Will Power

XXI. How To Attract Prosperity

XXII. How Selfishnes Mars Personality

XXIII. Life Efficiency

XXIV> Our Most Precious Asset--Time

XXV. Poise--Self Mastery


“A MAN is not all included between his hat and boots,” said Walt Whitman. There is something in a man which does not inhere in his flesh, which is not in his brain, not in his body, something which eludes the biographer and evades the camera, something we feel, something which radiates from his presence, a real vital force, as mysterious as that of electricity and as difiicult to understand. We call it a man’s atmosphere, or magnetism, and it extends beyond his physical body. In some personalities it is much more pronounced, more extended, than in others. When we go near some people who are very magnetic We positively feel their impelling presence before we get near enough to touch them. A subtle radiation of real force surrounds them like an aura. There are people who claim that what they term the “human aura” is an electrical emanation from the body which takes various forms according to the character and personality of the individuals; some even go so far as to affirm that J oseph’s coat of many colors was his aura resplendent in spiritual glory. There are those who profess a particular knowledge of “aura reading” who declare that it is “a ruthless Searchlight where no shred of our secret selves may hope to escape.” Call it aura, magnetism, or whatever you please, this indescribable, indefinable, mysterious, personal atmosphere is a tremendous power. It draws people to or drives them from us. A famous blind, deaf-mute said she could feel a distinct force when certain people came near her which either attracted or repelled her, according to the character of the person. She could sense their moral status and, her attendants said, would instinctively shrink, as though something was going to harm her, whenever an evil person came near her.She could feel their character.

Helen Keller, deaf and blind, is quick to feel personality and can detect character by a person’s atmosphere. When she speaks before an audience she can tell its size, approximately, by the vibrations which come to her from the different personalities, and which affect her acccording to the temperament and character of the individuals in the audience. Everyone has an atmosphere peculiar to himself, pervaded by all of his characteristics. We cannot radiate anything unlike ourselves or our ideals. The qualities you radiate will either attract or repel people. Your atmosphere will affect your career. ' We all know how vividly we feel the personality of certain persons after they have passed out of our homes, or even have passed out of life. There remains in the homes of those who have left us and in the places they habitually frequented, a certain something, a presence which we cannot explain, but which we feel very keenly. The ideal mother lives long in the home after her body has been laid away in the grave. Members of the household distinctly feel her presence, sometimes for many years. A similar thing is true of a loved child after death. This is not mere imagination. There is something left from the personality which we feel for a long time after a dear one is taken from us. character.

The book shows that it is the man with one unwavering aim who cuts his way through opposition and forges to the front ; that in this electric age, where everything is pusher or pushed, he who would succeed must hold his ground and push hard; that what are stumbling- blocks and defeats to the weak and vacillating, are but stepping-stones and victories to the strong and deter-mined. The author teaches that every germ of goodness will at last struggle into bloom and fruitage, and that true success follows every right step. He has tried to touch the higher springs of the youth's as})i ration ; to lead him to high ideals ; to teach him that tliere is something nobler in an occupation than merely living-getting or money-getting ; that a man may make millions and be a failure still ; to caution youth not to allow the maxims of a low prudence, dinned daily into his ears in this money-getting age, to repress the longings for a higher life ; that the hand can never -safely reach higher than does the heart. The author's aim has been largely through concrete illustrations which have pith, point, and purpose, to be more suggestive than dogmatic, in a style more practical than elegant, more helpful than ornate, more pertinent than novel. The author wishes to acknowledge valuable assistance from Mr. Arthur W. Brown, of W. Kingston, K. I. O. S. M. 43 BowDoix St., Boston, Mass. December 2, 1895.

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